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Negotiation Records


This tool is for all Coeus users to inquire as to the current status of a specific negotiated contract or awarding document and can serve as a first point of reference to alleviate e-mails and telephone calls.

SPS Contracting Group utilize the Negotiations Module to track the current status of a contract in negotiation with a sponsor. This module is continuously updated with any significant action items (or comments) by the Contract Analyst to whom the contract is assigned.

SPS Post-Award utilizes Negotiation in a similar manner however Award records and Prior Approval documents are tracked.


A Coeus Negotiation record is divided up into three main Sections:

bullet Record Attributes

The upper section of the record holds data fields that define various attributes of the record. Many of these fields default from values found in either a Proposal Log or Institute Proposal record.

bullet Custom Data

The Custom Data can be found by going to Edit > Custom Data. These data fields are Purdue specific and have been added to show who the Post-Award Manager is assigned to this project and other University data.

bullet Negotiation Activities

The Negotiation Activities record individual steps during the processing of a contract or Prior Approval in a chronological order. Each activity depicts a specific interaction with a sponsor, communication, internal routing to a new location or a evolution in the life cycle of a record.