Apply for a License

Purdue established a licensing program to protect the use of its logos and insignias on commercial products. The program has proven to be successful for the University, its licensees and retail partners. To continue expanding the program, the University has appointed Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) to serve as its exclusive trademark licensing representative.

Any person, business or organization with an interest in marketing products bearing the trademarks of Purdue University needs to first obtain a license through CLC. There are three forms of licenses available with Purdue through CLC, including a standard license, an internal license and a legacy collection license. A crafter license is also available directly through Purdue Trademarks and Licensing. These different forms of licenses are dependent upon the type of product and how it is manufactured.

New applicants are evaluated by Purdue Trademarks and Licensing. Evaluation criteria include the following:

  • Product quality
  • Market potential
  • Ability to meet social compliance requirements
  • Existence of current licensees offering a similar product
  • Product liability exposure
  • Licensing experience
  • Appropriate fit with the University's image

To start the licensing process, please complete the license application found on Collegiate Licensing Company's website. Product samples are required to be sent with your application. Because Purdue is a member of the Fair Labor Association (FLA) and the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC), we want to ensure our products are being made where workers' rights are protected and work conditions are safe.