Apply for a Crafter's License

The Crafter's License Program allows independent artisans to participate in Purdue's licensing program by legally producing products adorned with the University marks and names. Through this program, crafters enter into a simple contract with Purdue that grants permissions to individuals to produce and sell licensed products displaying the Purdue University indicia. It is a great way for crafters to legally benefit from the popularity of Purdue's flagship institution.

All individuals must obtain approval prior to using any of the University's marks and names on any product. Purdue is the sole owner of all trademarks, names and logos in reference to the University. Therefore, the University has the right to grant permission as well as protect and enforce the use of its marks. Interested parties must apply for a crafter's license (PDF).

Benefits of the Program

  • Legally profit from the excitement generated from Purdue.
  • Royalties paid to Purdue help fund student scholarships.


Approved crafters must:

  • Apply for a license (PDF) and have a fully executed licensing agreement with the University prior to using Purdue's trademarks on any product for commerce.
  • Pay $100 in royalty fees per year.
  • Only sell items directly to the individuals at festivals, fairs, events, etc. No wholesales or sales to any third-party retailers are permitted.
  • Sell no more than 500 items or $2,500 worth of merchandise in one contract year.

Purdue University is the sole owner of all rights, title, and interest in and to its licensed indicia, as well as the derivatives of the licensed indicia and all rights relating thereto and expressively reserved by the University. Trademark infringement can result in legal action against you and/or your business.