Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding Purdue Trademarks and Licensing. If you do not find your answer here, please feel free to contact us with your specific question.

The University is well-known for and takes great pride in its core colors: old gold and black. Campus Gold (PMS 110) and black are key components of Purdue's visual identity system and are the primary colors available for use by all Purdue units.

Athletic Gold (PMS 7502) is the primary color used in all athletic marks and wordmarks that appear in the Athletic font. Athletic Gold is not permissible for use with institutional marks.

Purdue trademarks include any word, phrase, symbol, design, color, product configuration, group of letters, or a combination of words, phrases, symbols, or designs adopted and used by the University that identify and distinguish Purdue goods or services from that of other parties.

A complete list of Purdue trademarks can be found in the Trademarks portion of this site.

A licensing program exists to protect the name and marks of the University and to enhance the Purdue image through the signing of licensing agreements authorizing the use of the marks on high-quality and tasteful merchandise. It also ensures that the University receives the appropriate commercial value for the use of its trademarks.

Any individual, business or organization wishing to use the University's trademarks or verbiage on any product must have a license before offering the product or goods for sale. This also includes sale to University departments, campus organizations and recognized student organizations. Premiums, promotions and advertising are included, as well.

You can apply for a license within this website.

Please anticipate 4-6 weeks for completion of the standard license application. Please note that a decision on any license request will depend on the nature and extent of the use being applied for, the number of trademarks involved, the number and diversity of products for which the trademark or trademarks will be used, and other possible factors, such as whether the University believes there is a need to seek legal advice on the application.

The trademarks of the University may not be used on internal publications, brochures, advertising or miscellaneous print material without permission from the University. Please contact the Office of Marketing and Media for more information.

The University partners with Collegiate Licensing Company to represent its licensing program. Please fill out the online application form on the Collegiate Licensing Company website or contact them directly at:

Attn: License Application
1075 Peachtree Street
Atlanta, GA 30309

Independent artisans can participate in Purdue University's licensing program by obtaining a crafter's license. If you have any further questions about the process, feel free to email the Trademarks and Licensing.

Other than in the case of a University-related product, Purdue Trademarks and Licensing will not approve the use of its trademarks on the following products:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Tobacco or tobacco-containing products
  • Legally controlled substances
  • Sexually oriented products or designs
  • Religion-affiliated products or designs
  • Political products or designs
  • Games of chance
  • Appliques, patches or heat transfers for retail sale

Yes. Whether or not items are for resale, all items bearing the University marks must be produced by a licensed vendor.

Yes. In order for the University to maintain and protect its value, permission must be obtained from Purdue Trademarks and Licensing and a licensed vendor must be used.

No. We are always complimented when a school wishes to use one of our marks as their mascot, but our policy does not allow our marks to be used by any other business or educational institution, including public or private schools. In setting this policy, many factors were taken into consideration, including product liability, control of how the marks are used and who manufactures the product, and the policies of our peer institutions throughout the United States. For more information on this subject, please contact us directly.

Not without prior approval. The University's policy does not allow its marks to be used for commercial or promotional advertising purposes without prior approval. This approval is granted on a case-by-case basis. The University's name and/or marks may also not be used in any way that could state or imply an endorsement. The marks/names/logos may not be used as part of a business name or within the interior design of a business and its building and/or location without prior approval. Approval is not always granted for any of the above uses.

Yes, always. Purdue Licensees must submit artwork for approval through the Trademarx system operated by Learfield Licensing.

The University is committed to protecting and preserving its trademark rights. Any commercial use of its marks without a trademark license is addressed promptly, by legal action if necessary.

The University adheres to the codes of conduct of the Fair Labor Association (FLA) and the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC). Please review Purdue's commitment to social responsibility for more details.

Look for the "Collegiate Licensed Properties Association" (CLPA) label or hologram. Retail licensees are required to include the CLPA graphic, hangtag or holographic sticker with each licensed product. The CLPA Authentication Program helps to protect university brands from the production and sale of counterfeit merchandise.

Students! Royalties generated from the commercial use of Purdue's marks support student scholarships and programming for Purdue students as well as athletic scholarships for student-athletes. Purdue products from our licensed vendors generate over $1 million per year for Purdue student scholarships.

The Crafter's Licensing Program allows for independent artisans to participate in Purdue's licensing program by legally producing products adorned with Purdue trademarks and names. This license is ideal for fans and alumni who are interested in producing small quantities of merchandise for craft fairs and online marketplaces instead of retail stores.

Yes. If you want to place your favorite Purdue logo on a wedding cake, graduation cake, birthday cake, etc., and using a vendor that is not an official Purdue licensee, please fill out our cake request form. Purdue Trademarks and Licensing will email you an authorization letter to take to your selected bakery.