Purdue Trademarks

A trademark is a distinctive mark identified with a person or thing, or where a product or service comes from. Trademarks can be displayed in many forms. The list below pairs a type of trademark with a Purdue example.
  • Word (Purdue)
  • Phrase ("Boiler Up")
  • Symbol (Motion P logo)
  • Design (Purdue Pete caricature mark)
  • Sound (Purdue fight song)

Please note that these are not the only trademarks registered to Purdue.

What are Purdue's Trademarks?

Examples of Purdue trademarks include any graphic representation relating to the following:

  • Purdue University®
  • Boilermakers®
  • Boilers®
  • Boiler Up®
  • Boiler Built®
  • What We Make Moves the World Forward®
  • Higher Education at the Highest Proven Value®
  • Purdue™
  • Boilermaker™
  • Boiler™
  • Boiler Up … Hammer Down™
  • Boilermaker Special™
  • Old Oaken Bucket™
  • Hail Purdue™
  • "All-American" Marching Band™
  • Paint Crew™
  • Boiler Blackout™
  • Ross-Ade Stadium™
  • Mackey Arena™
  • 1234 … First Down™
  • Cradle of Quarterbacks™
  • Den of Defensive Ends™
  • Giant Leaps for Mankind®
  • Ever True™
  • I Am an American™
  • Degree in 3™
  • One Brick Higher™
  • Giant Leaps™
  • Think Broadly, Lead Boldly®
  • Defense Lives Here™