Commercial Product Design Approvals

Trademarks and Licensing reserves the right to approve each use of its trademarks on a per-product, per-design basis. Licensees, or those given permission, will submit each proposed use, product, or design to our office or to Purdue's authorized agent (for commercial products) for approval.

If the product in question is not a University-related product, Trademarks and Licensing will NOT approve the use of its trademarks on the following products:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Tobacco or tobacco-containing products
  • Legally controlled substances
  • Sexually oriented products or designs
  • Religiously affiliated products or designs
  • Political products or designs
  • Games of chance
  • Appliques, patches or heat transfers for retail sale
  • Any item, including clothing or other apparel, which also contains an image or other depiction of: alcoholic beverages; tobacco or tobacco-containing products; an illegal substance; a legally controlled substance; sexually suggestive text, imagery or graphics; religious symbols or language promoting or disparaging any religion; political text, graphics or imagery or in conjunction with a political group or organization.

For purposes of this policy, a "University-related product" is a product, such as a beverage, which is the subject of a written license between the University and the licensee-producer that:

  • Is designed to advance some aspect of the University's academic, research or engagement mission.
  • Requires adherence to branding guidelines maintained by the University.
  • Generates proceeds for the University.
  • Is approved by the Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer as well as the Vice President of Public Affairs of the University.

In addition, our office will NOT approve:

  • Use of Purdue trademarks in text or graphics that are judged to be sexually suggestive; denigrate any groups, including another college or university; or infringe on the rights of other trademark owners.
  • Products that do not, in our office's sole discretion, meet minimum standards of quality and/or good taste or those that are judged to be dangerous or carry high product liability risks.
  • Use of Purdue trademarks on any product or design that, in our office's sole discretion, may violate NCAA rules. This applies to product designs incorporating:
    • Jersey numbers, except on authentic or replica merchandise
    • Photos or any other likeness of a current student-athlete
    • Names of student-athletes
    • Nicknames of student-athletes

Trademarks and Licensing approves products or designs incorporating its current trademarks. Trademarks that are obsolete or replaced by updated trademarks continue to be protected and owned by Purdue University.