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Respondus Lock Down Browser and Respondous Monitor

Download Respondus Browser (includes Monitor)

Respondus Lock Down Browser

Respondus Lock Down Browser is a specialized Web browser that secures a student's computer by preventing access to other browsers, chat programs, and other applications during an online exam. Available for PCs and Macs. 

LockDown Browser is available for Windows/Mac. Instructors do not need to download the LockDown Browser.

Respondus Monitor


Respondus Monitor is included with the Respondus LockDown Browser download.  If Respondus Monitor is used then a webcam and microphone are required.


Respondus Monitor is used to capture the audio and video of students while they take their exams and requires the use of Respondus Lock Down Browser.   Responudus Monitor allows a student to take a proctored exam at any time of day outside of a traditional testing center.

If you are an instructor who wants to request Respondus Monitor please email