AI Bytes Workshop Sessions

Purdue University is excited to announce a series of one-hour sessions hosted each month designed to provide hands-on learning activities centered around the practical applications of new and relevant generative AI technologies. These sessions are tailored to help instructors seamlessly integrate AI tools into their curriculum with a strong emphasis on saving instructors time. By participating in these hands-on training sessions, instructors will gain skills and knowledge to effectively implement AI technologies into their courses, fostering innovation and enhancing learning experiences for students across diverse disciplines. 

Below is a schedule of our current lineup of sessions. Please note that these sessions may change as AI is constantly evolving, and our workshops will adapt to reflect the latest advancements and best practices.  

Join us in exploring the transformative potential of AI in education, and learn how to enhance your teaching practices with cutting-edge technology. Sign up today for any sessions you are interested in. 

Intro to Prompt Engineering

Utilize Microsoft Copilot to create detailed and well-structured course content, including learning outcomes and comprehensive course syllabi, tailored to the course’s specific educational objectives.

Enhancing Accessibility with AI

Utilize AI tools such as Microsoft Copilot to create and enhance accessible course content for students with disabilities. Specifically, instructors will gain hands-on experience in generating transcriptions and captions, creating image alt text, and leveraging AI to support diverse learning needs. Participants will use these tools to effectively produce accessible content during the session.

Generating Assessments Using AI

Utilize Variate and iClicker Cloud to generate assessments that enhance student learning. Instructors will generate questions tailored to their courses providing students with opportunities to assess their understanding.

Refining Assessments with AI: Ensuring You’re Asking the Right Questions

Utilize AI tools such as Microsoft Copilot to refine assessment questions. Instructors will analyze and improve existing assessment questions to ensure they are clear, unbiased, aligned with course objectives, and promoting academic honesty. This will enhance the quality and effectiveness of assessments, promoting fair and accurate measurement of student learning.

Automating Grading with AI

Utilize Gradescope alongside potential additional AI tools to automate grading processes effectively. Instructors will evaluate the benefits and limitations of automated grading in enhancing efficiency and providing timely feedback as well as apply practical strategies for integrating automated grading into their teaching practices to optimize student learning outcomes.

AI for Creating Educational Images and Visual Content

Utilize Microsoft Copilot Design to create high-quality educational images and visual content. Instructors will design and produce tailored educational visuals including infographics, diagrams, and illustrations that enhance their course materials and support diverse learning styles.

AI-Enhanced Collaborative Tools

Use AI tools such as Circuit’s Charlie to enhance collaboration among students and faculty. Instructors will set up and manage collaborative projects utilizing these AI tools, fostering a more interactive and cooperative learning environment.

Saving Time with Chatbots

Implement chatbot tools in courses to save time and facilitate student self-service for common questions. Instructors will integrate chatbots into their course design, ensuring that students can independently access answers and resources efficiently.