Online Graduate Program Launch Process



1 Exploratory

Month 1

2 Internal Approval

Months 2-5

3 External Approval

Months 5-8

4 Execution & Implementation

Months 5-12

5 Launch & Continuous Support

Months 8-12

5. Launch & Continuous Support (Months 8-12)
(All times are approximate. This timeline represents the best case scenario.)

Week 45-52+


The Academic Department will identify who will teach or facilitate the course(s); identify the start date(s) for the course(s); identify a program manager – if desired.

Week 45-52+
Week 49-52+

Program Review & Changes

Purdue Online provides monthly status reports and hosts meetings as needed with marketing and recruiting and student support services and faculty to monitor program health.

Week 49-52+