Online Graduate Program Launch Process



1 Exploratory

Month 1

2 Internal Approval

Months 2-5

3 External Approval

Months 5-8

4 Execution & Implementation

Months 5-12

5 Launch & Continuous Support

Months 8-12

2. Internal Approval (Months 2-5)
(All times are approximate. This timeline represents the best-case scenario.)

Week 6-8

Financial Model

The online program launch director will work with the faculty lead, the administrative lead, and the respective business offices to analyze the expenses and revenue of the program and create a financial model. The financial model will include: Enrollment estimates, Expenses, and Revenue.

Week 6-8
Week 7-9


Steps: If the department decides to use a 3rd party vendor, procurement will review the agreement received by the vendor.The department head and/or dean and the executive director of Purdue Online sign the agreement.Procurement signs the agreement on behalf of the university.3rd party vendor signs the agreement.The signed agreement is…

Week 7-9
Week 5-7

Curricula Development

Lead faculty will develop curricula using already approved courses and/or create new course content. Faculty share content/development with the department and/or college according to the policies of the academic department. The department/college will review and approve the curriculum. Note: If new for credit courses/new degrees are created then Form 40G…

Week 5-7
Week 8-10


When writing a graduate program proposal it is recommended that the Lead Faculty work with the Managing Director for New Professional, Continuing, and Online Offerings to: (1) select the appropriate proposal template; (2) write the business portion of the proposal; and (3) provide market research and financial model. The final…

Week 8-10
Week 11-19

Internal Approvals

Internal Approvals: Internal approvals differ according to the proposed offering. Regardless of the offering, the academic department and/or college reviews/approves the offering following their guidelines. Once an offering is approved by the department/college the following internal approvals take place accordingly: New courses: The Graduate School and the Council review and…

Week 11-19