Use the science of nutrition to improve your health

Let our registered dietitian put you on a path to:

  • A healthy weight
  • Healthful eating
  • A reduced risk of chronic diseases

Our registered dietitian (RD) is a food and nutrition expert who uses the science of nutrition to give you practical solutions for healthy living and permanent lifestyle change. She uses evidence-based medicine to develop individualized meal plans for clients of all ages.

Make an appointment with our registered dietitian

The Center for Healthy Living offers registered dietitian services at no charge to benefits-eligible employees and to family members who are covered on the employee’s Purdue medical plan.

During your one-on-one appointment, you and the RD will look at your medical condition and then develop a plan of action for nutritional changes that could improve your health. Individualized meal plans, label reading, cooking tips and portion control are just some of the topics you’ll discuss.

Expect to gain several important benefits:   

  • Set simple, doable goals to improve your total health.
  • Understand how what you eat makes a significant impact on your total health.
  • Learn how food intake, digestion and usage of food can have a positive or negative effect on your body.
  • Sift through fads and facts to find information you can really use.
  • Modify your nutritional intake to help manage conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity and more.
Set up an appointment today To schedule an appointment, call 765-494-0111 or visit the Center for Healthy Living portal.