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Allergy Shots

The Center for Healthy Living can provide allergy injections per the referral and approval of the patient's allergist. A patient wishing to have their allergy shots at the Center will need to discuss with their allergist and complete an allergy documentation packet – forms and process are listed below. There is no charge for receiving allergy injections at the Center for Healthy Living.

Allergy shot forms:

Form 1 – Allergy Consent

Form 2 – Administration of Allergen Immunotherapy Form

Form 3 – Authorization to Disclose

Form 4 – Medical History

The process is as followed:

  1. Forms 1-4 will be completed by the patient and/or allergist (with the allergist signing form 2).
  2. Patient is to schedule an appointment with a CHL provider to establish care.
  3. CHL provider will review forms 1-4 and sign form 4 which shows approval to receive allergy injections by medical personnel at the CHL.
  4. Patient may schedule with CHL medical personnel when above steps are completed (if new serums/allergist, patient is to receive first 2 injections with their allergist’s office)