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On-site Departmental Training

The Center for Healthy Living offers a variety of resources for employees to improve their health and overall wellness, including bringing those resources directly to departments.

To allow employees an opportunity to take advantage of the workshops available, CHL guest speakers can come directly to a department meeting, retreat or lunch and provide a workshop or lunch and learn training at no cost.

Topics may include, but are not limited to: nutrition, weight control, co-worker relationships, stress relief and physical activity. A sampling of on-going presentations given by the registered nurse health coaches, registered dietitian and employee assistance program counselors include:

  • Building a Better Lunch.
  • Stress and Work/Life Balance, with a meditation exercise.
  • Introduction to Services at the Center for Healthy Living.
  • Women's Wellness and Aging.
  • Food Labels/Portion Distortion.
  • Coping with Grief.
  • Introduction to Health Coaching.

For more information or to schedule an on-site training, call the Center for Healthy Living at 49-45505.