Healthy Boiler Program Q3 underway – complete annual physical, earn incentives

July kicked off the third quarter of the 2021 Healthy Boiler Wellness Program. As a reminder, to earn the monetary incentives for 2021, employees should complete and upload their physical (and biometrics screening information if they choose) into the Healthy Boiler Portal by December 31, 2021.

“Annual physicals and preventive screenings offer the best way for providers and patients to gain knowledge and get in front of any health concerns, which play an important role in overall health and wellness,” said Jordan Blanchard Myers, physician assistant at the Center for Healthy Living (CHL) on Purdue’s West Lafayette campus.

In addition to the physical health benefits of having an annual physical (and biometrics) completed, the incentive portion of the Healthy Boiler Program provides employees and their covered spouses the opportunity to earn up to $325 (employee only) or $650 (employee + spouse, employee + child or employee + family) as additions to their Health Savings Account (HSA) or Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA). HSA and HRA funds can be used for eligible healthcare expenses.

  • If you have an HSA:Payments for both the employee and spouse will be deposited directly to the employee’s HSA and count toward the HSA maximum contribution limits for the year.
  • If you don’t have an HSA:Employees without an HSA will receive payments to an HRA, which Purdue will set up. HRA accounts are similar to flexible spending accounts (FSA) in that HRA funds can be used for the same types of health expenses as the FSAs and funds do not roll forward at the end of the calendar year.

Those who complete and upload their physical (and biometrics if they should choose) to the Healthy Boiler Portal in December 2021 will be paid in January 2022 into whichever type of account (HSA or HRA) they have in 2022; incentive funds will count toward the 2022 IRS maximum contribution limits for those who have an HSA in 2022. (Note: 2022 incentive amounts are based on whatever medical plan level they had in 2021.)  

Employees who have Critical Illness Insurance through Voya can also receive a $50 wellness benefit by having their annual physical done.

Healthy Boiler incentive payments are deposited by the end of the day (11:59 p.m.) on the business day following your last pay date of the month following when an employee or spouse completes and submits their information into the portal. A report in aggregate is provided to Human Resources each month indicating how much each person should receive based on completed items from the previous month. Human Resources does not receive any personal health information related to incentives completed.

“Once completed, not only are our employees earning the extra money for their HSA or HRA, they also are positioning themselves to create a plan of action to address any health risks or issues discovered as a result of their physical or biometrics screening,” said Candace Shaffer, senior director of benefits in Human Resources. “Both the rewarded incentives and the health information received support the physical health and financial wellness connection to overall well-being. This is an easy first step for employees to take control and improve their overall well-being and their financial health, which is exactly what we are hoping for with this program.”   

As a reminder, both the physical and biometric screening are provided at no cost to employees on all three Purdue medical plans as preventive benefits.

Register via the Healthy Boiler Portal

Employees and covered spouses will need to register to access the site. Please note: employees must register and login first in order to allow spousal access to the site. Spouses must register separately in order to manage activity and receive the incentives. Benefits-eligible employees who are spouse opt-outs are considered spouses and should register under their spouse.

To register via


  • Click the REGISTER button (in purple)
  • Select your Preferred Language
  • Select “Member Type” as Employee
  • Enter your Employee ID, PUID, number including two leading zeros, for a total of 10 digits
  • Enter your First Name (as it appears on your pay stub)
  • Enter your Last name (as it appears on your pay stub)
  • Continue with the steps as prompted to finish registration


  • Click the REGISTER button (in purple)
  • Select your Preferred Language
  • Select “Member Type” Spouse/Domestic Partner
  • Enter the Employee ID, PUID, number including two leading zeros, for a total of 10 digits
  • Enter your First Name
  • Enter your Last name

A video-guided tour of the portal’s capabilities, including how to upload incentive requirement information for 2021, is available via the Purdue Healthy Boiler Portal Review. For details on submitting the incentive requirements for 2021, see the Quick Reference Guide.


Contact the Human Resources office on your respective campus with any questions.

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