Why Healthy Boiler?

The Healthy Boiler Wellness Program was introduced in January 2018 and continues into 2022 in response to significantly increasing healthcare costs and trends as a way to provide benefits-eligible employees and spouses covered on a Purdue health plan an opportunity to improve their health and wellness and earn financial incentives at the same time. Healthy Boiler encourages employees and their dependents to be aware of their health risks and become more active in maintaining/improving their overall health. This initiative directly aligns employees to focus on prevention, awareness and healthier choices; hopefully resulting in lower healthcare costs (or at least lower increases) in the future. It’s time to put health and wellness in the forefront for employees and dependents.

As the program continues to flourish, it has become evident that the Healthy Boiler Wellness Program could be and is, even more than simply an incentive program. While the university remains committed to the physical wellness of employees, overall health and well-being covers more than that alone.

Today, the Healthy Boiler Program is a multi-faceted approach to overall well-being composed of five pillars:  behavioral health, financial wellness, physical health, social wellness and work-life integration. The Healthy Boiler Program provides care in each area by offering cost-controlled benefits and easily accessible resources that help Purdue employees (and their families) across all campuses transform their lives into the healthiest, happiest versions possible. Through each of the pillars, the Healthy Boiler Program:

  • Behavioral Health – advocates for integrated care programs that focus on behavioral health and community support
  • Financial Wellness – provides financial education and guidance programs that help ensure long-term financial well-being
  • Physical Health – champions health education, preventive care and ongoing treatment programs to help individuals achieve lasting physical health and overall well-being
  • Social Wellness – promotes opportunities that bring people together to foster collaboration and share common goals, contributing to both individual and collective well-being
  • Work-Life Integration – offers family-friendly benefits and programs that meet 21st century work-life demands.

The Purdue Healthy Boiler Video Review offers an inside look at the  benefits and resources provided via the Healthy Boiler Program.

Earn incentives

See the Earn Incentives web page for details

Healthy Boiler Wellness Program Portal

Through the Healthy Boiler Wellness Program portal, employees will log their activities and other information related to the 2021 wellness incentive as well as be able to access supporting health and wellness resources.

The portal is accessible at www.healthyboiler.com. Employees and covered spouses will need to register to access the site. Please note: employees must register and login first in order to allow spousal access to the site. Spouses must register separately in order to manage activity and receive the incentives. Benefit-eligible employees who are spouse opt-outs are considered spouses and should register under their spouse.

To register from the link above:

  • Click the REGISTER button (in purple)
  • Select your Preferred Language
  • Select “Member Type” as Employee
  • Enter your Employee ID, PUID, number including two leading zeros, for a total of 10 digits
  • Enter your First Name (as it appears on your pay stub)
  • Enter your Last name (as it appears on your pay stub)
  • Continue with the steps as prompted to finish registration


  • Click the REGISTER button (in purple)
  • Select your Preferred Language
  • Select “Member Type” Spouse/Domestic Partner
  • Enter the Employee ID, PUID, number including two leading zeros, for a total of 10 digits
  • Enter your First Name
  • Enter your Last name

See the Quick Reference Guide for details on submitting the incentive requirements for 2021. The Purdue Healthy Boiler Portal Review provides a video-guided look at the portal’s capabilities, including how to upload incentive requirement information for 2021.

Also the “Earn” tab in the top navigation details how to log activities to earn incentive credit.


Competitions add a fun way to challenge and compete against other Healthy Boilers in a multitude of ways. University-wide competitions are available via the Healthy Boiler Portal by following this path from the portal’s home page: Track > Tracker Dashboard > Competitions. University-wide competitions will show under “My Competitions.” Additionally, you can create individual, team and departmental competitions as well. To learn more, see the Department Competitions handout.

More information

To stay up-to-date on all things Healthy Boiler, visit the Healthy Boiler Portal at www.healthyboiler.com, follow the Healthy Boiler Purdue blog at https://healthyboilerpurdue.com and follow Healthy Boiler on social media:

Facebook   www.facebook.com/HealthyBoilerPurdue




instagram   www.instagram.com/healthyboilerpurdue


Any questions on the wellness incentive program can be directed to Human Resources at 765-494-2222 or hr@purdue.edu.

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