Personal leaves, time off important to work-life integration pillar of Healthy Boiler Program

Several personal leaves types – vacation, personal business, bereavement, sick leave and more – are all part of your benefits package as a Purdue employee. Additionally, Purdue provides you with 10 paid holidays and three days of winter recess. The leaves available play a role in the work-life integration pillar of the Healthy Boiler Program as well as the behavioral health and physical health pillars, depending on how they are used.

Leaves, Disability and Time Off for Benefits-Eligible Employees

Purdue offers both personal leaves with pay and without pay. The Leaves, Disability and Time Off for Benefits-Eligible Employees web page provides information on eligibility and processing leaves, policy interpretation and other related benefit programming, such as worker’s compensation, short-term disability and long-term disability.

Purdue University provides the following leaves of absence to benefits-eligible faculty and staff, subject to the eligibility requirements stipulated for each type of leave:

More details on personal leaves are available on the Leaves of Absence (VI.E.2) web page.

Additionally, to help employees better understand their leave options (as well as the workplace flexibility and remote work guidelines), summaries of “Leaves Policies and Flexible / Remote Work Guidelines” are available for: 

Requesting time off

All benefits-eligible employees request time off through SuccessFactors, which streamlines and automates the request process. Resources are available – including a Requesting Time Off video and Requesting Personal Time Off Quick Reference Guide (QRG) – under “Time Off” on the Employee Information, Timekeeping and Time Off web page. 

Taking time off for vacation and sick days are common, and taking days off for mental health needs are also recommended and encouraged.  In fact, mental health parity and addiction equity – which all of Purdue’s health plans have – mandates that the health plan must treat mental health and addiction conditions the same as a medical condition. See the “Taking time for mental health important, encouraged” Purdue Today article for more information.


Any questions about leaves can be directed to Human Resources at your specific campus.

  • West Lafayette
    765-494-2222, toll-free 877-725-0222 or via email at
  • Fort Wayne
    260-481-6096 or via email at
  • Hammond and Westville (Northwest)