HTM Research Colloquium on Tourism, Health, and Quality of Life

2021-2022 | Hospitality as a Humanizing Agent in X Interactions


December 3, 2021, 2:30 pm // ZOOM

Touch vs. Tech in Service Encounter

  • Guest Speaker: Dr. Alei Fan, Assistant Professor 
  • Description:  The emergence of various service technologies has reshaped how today’s customers interact with the service provider. This research proposes a service matrix delineating various types of service encounters along two dimensions: touch (the extent to which customers directly interact with frontline employees) and tech (the intensity of technology use). Furthermore, the moderating role of relationship type (i.e., communal vs. exchange) is examined in influencing customer evaluations of touch and tech type encounters and the underlying mechanism is identified. The results from the two empirical studies demonstrate the moderating effect of the communal relationship norms and the consequent mediation effect of warmth. This research lays the foundation for the future investigation of different service encounter management practices based on various levels of human factors and technology infusion. For service companies, this research’s findings about the interplay of service encounter types and customer–company relationships will help them to better understand their customers and consequently provide an optimal level of service.
  • Moderator: Dr. Liping A. Cai, Professor & Director, Purdue Tourism and Hospitality Research Center

November 12, 2021

A Dialog about Tourism Student Engagement

  • Panelist: Dr. Stephen Leitch, Dr. Aletha Stahl, Dr. Amy French
  • Description: Within tourism education, there are two generalizations in opposition: (1) That as students and scholars in the field of tourism we inherently value interculturalism – an exchange of cultures. And (2) that we have been taught and are currently teaching in a banking system (i.e. the content expert providing expertise in a traditional style/lectures) that discourages the exploration and exchange of the local community. In this discussion, we open the floor for a dialog on how we can encourage students to be open-minded to exploring their local community outside of the campus and to implement the knowledge learned in the classroom to improve the attitudes and perspectives of the college-community relationship.
  • Moderator: Ayrielle Davis-Espinosa, Graduate Program Coordinator
  • Co-Moderator: Dr. Liping A. Cai, Professor & Director, Purdue Tourism and Hospitality Research Center

 October 29, 2021

A Light in the Dark – Black Consumer Motivation in Dark Tourism

  • Guest Speaker: Dr. Surjeet Baidwan, Associate Professor of Business at Mount Saint Mary’s University, Los Angeles
  • Description: A presentation based on a qualitative phenomenological study designed to explore Black consumer behavior, namely motivation to visit a contemporary dark tourism site in urban America. This aspect of Black consumer behavior was examined to fill a gap in the literature regarding what motivates Black people to visit places where death and suffering have famously occurred, especially in contemporary contexts.
  • Moderator: Dr. Liping A. Cai, Professor & Director, Purdue Tourism and Hospitality Research Center

October 15, 2021

Guest-Host Relationships: Hospitality with or without pandemic 

  • Guest Speaker: Dr. Liping Cai
  • Description: In this segment of the colloquium, Dr. Cai shared with the participants the outcomes of his recent study on community and destination hospitality. Conceptualizing hospitality as a human science beyond commercial boundaries, Dr. Cai outlined how the hospitality concept and social exchange theory can be synergistically informative to understanding the dynamics of and improving guest and host relationships at a destination community. Dr. Cai also illustrated five principles of hospitality and engaged the participants with four questions: 1) Is the pandemic changing the guest and host relationships (both short-term and long term)? 2) Are there other factors that have changed or changing the relationships? 3) Do the five principles still hold? 4) What is the role of tourism for a (destination) community?

Building Communities with Hospitality - I've got an app for that

  • Guest Speaker: Dr. Stephen Leitch
  • Description: A presentation about a real-world project with goal to bring communities together.  Learn about a silicon valley technology company that developed an application for community collaboration, relationship building and sustained economic development - all with a focus on hospitality.  See how this is changing behavior and making a difference.

October 1, 2021

Hospitality - Western Principles and Chinese Characteristics

  • Guest Speaker: Dr. Liping Cai, Doctoral Students Ms. Jianan Lee and Ms. Jade Shi
  • Description: Conceptually imported from the West, the definition and boundaries of hospitality programs in China’s post-secondary education remain varied and ambiguous. By investigating westerners’ observations of traditional Chinese hospitality, this study is designed to address the need to articulate the characteristics of traditional Chinese hospitality through a progressive qualitative approach. The findings identified six unique elements of traditional Chinese hospitality, including the presentation and interpretation of food and drink, etiquette and social order, the role of women, music, and performance, decorative colors, and expressive humility. The emphasis on etiquette and social order elevates traditional Chinese hospitality to the shared value influenced by Confucian principles. The recognition and understanding of the social value of traditional Chinese hospitality exhibit the potential to enrich the curricular design of the country’s higher education in hospitality and tourism.  

The First-time Graduate Instructor during the Pandemic – the Good & the Bad

September 17, 2021 | International Society of Travel & Tourism Educators Presentation Preparation

Presenters and Topics*: 

  • Xinyue Li, Carl Behnke, and Michaela Nuebling: The influence of virtual reality (VR) technology on wine appreciation education
  • Jieyu Shi, Liping Cai, Susan Gordon & Alei Fan: Enhancing intercultural competence in hospitality and tourism curriculum

 *In conjunction with the rehearsal of presentations at the upcoming 40 th Annual Conference of the International Society of Travel & Tourism Educators (


Past Colloquiums 

  • Dr. Sandra Sydnor, Dr. Annmarie Nicely, Dr. Xinran Lehto, Dr. Joe Ismail, Ms. Ayrielle Espinosa, Dr. Anita Dale, Dr. David Evans, Dr. Jonathon Day, Dr. Liping Cai, and Graduate Students: Reflexivity in Consumer Research – When the Pandemic and Social Injustice Converge
  • Steff Benjamin & Alana Dillette from Tourism RESET: Tourism Reset:  Race , Ethnicity and Social Equity in Tourism
  • Doctoral Candidate Jieyu Shi, Dr. Eugene Chan: Prepare HTM and CSR Students with Worldviews and Intercultural Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes
  • Dr. Karen Byrd and Doctoral Student Yiran Liu: Understanding Consumer Perceptions of Restaurant Food during the Pandemic 
  • Doctoral Student Jianan Lee and Dr. Lipign Cai: Host-Guest Relationships at Destination Communities 
  • Dr. Xinran Lehto and Doctoral Student Mohamed E. Mohamed: Dissecting the Interplays of Tourism Experience, Gastronomy, and Destination Imag
  • Dr. Shawn Jung: Developing Digital Event Strategy  
  • Dr. Jiyun Kang:  Modeling Sustainable Consumption and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Dr. Sandra Sydnor: Practicing Mindfulness to Reduce Racial Implicit Bias 
  • Dr. Annmarie Nicely and undergraduate student Josephine Andrews, Dr. Jiong Sun: Understanding Undesired Employee Behaviors and Firms’ Ethics, Signaling, and Consumer Heterogeneity
  • Dr. Siti Aqilah Jahari (Sunway University), Dr. Liping Cai: Tourists' Decision-Making and Constraints Negotiaition Theory
  • Dr. Jonathon Day: Tourism and the Sustainable Development Goals: Tourism’s Role in Meeting the Grand Challenges Facing Humanity
  • Dr. Liping Cai, Dr. Jonathon Day, and Ph.D. Student Dori Davari: Back to Basics - Why We Travel (I)
  • Dr. Liping Cai, Dr. Jonathon Day, Ph.D. Students Jade Shi, and Jianan Zhang: Back to Basics - Why We Travel (II)
  • Dr. Liping Cai, Dr. Aileen Fan, Ph.D. Student Jade Shi: Leisure Mobility of Millennials: Socio-psychological Implications
  • Dr. Stephen Leitch: Big Data. Is it really a BIG Deal? Exponent Article
  • Dr. Xinran Lehto: Scholarship and Research Theme Development 
  • Dr. Aileen Fan and PhD Student Katherine Dou: Mobile Technology Application in Museum -- Can the Push Function Enhance Visitors' Souvenir Purchase Intention?
  • Dr. Howard Adler: The Role of Faculty in Student Mentoring and Advising
  • Dr. Mick La Lopa: Protecting Students Interns Title IX Rights in the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Ph.D. Student Crystal Shi and Dr. Susan Gordon: Does the Recovery Experience Count? The Relationship Among Workaholism, Well-being, and Career Success
  • Ph.D. Student Jianan Zhang and Dr. Liping Cai: Tourism Diversity and Inclusion in U.S. Urban Destinations
  • Dr. Hongmei Zhang (former HTM visiting scholar and Dean of Shanghai Normal University), Dr. Billy Bai (HTM alum and Associate Dean of UNLV), and Dr. Liping Cai: Innovative Destination Management – Cases from Las Vegas and Shanghai
  • Dr. Annmarie Nicely and Undergraduate Student Soyoung Yoo:Strategies Used Around the World to Tackle Negative Visitor Harassment
  • PhD Student Xiaolin (Crystal) Shi and Dr. Susan Gordon: Dirty Work in the Hotel: The Role of Family Supportive Supervisor Behavior in Housekeeping Attendants' Psychological Well-being
  • Dr. Jonathon Day and multiple graduate students: Tourism and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG): Thinking Critically about the SDGs and Creating a Research Agenda to Achieve Them.
  • Dr. Zilan Gong (Visting Scholar) and Dr. Mick La Lopa: An Exploratory Study of Quality of Work Life in Chinese Economy Hotels.
  • Dr. Annmarie Nicely and multiple graduate students: Curbing Negative Visitor Harassment: Jamaica's Struggle.
  • PhD Xiaolin (Crystal) Shi and Dr. Susan Gordon: Perceived Organizational Support, Perceived Supervisor Support, Psychological Contract and Work Engagement: A Scenario Based Approach to Explore Managers' Perspectives in Hotel Industry.
  • PhD Student Li Ge and Dr. Barbara Almanza: Preference for Food Quality versus Quantity: Does it Contribute to a Healthier Body Mass Index?
  • Dr. Xinran Lehto: Destination Experience Design Parameters.
  • Dr. Alei Fan: Whose Job to Fix an SST Service Failure? A Cross-cultural Study.
  • Dr. Susan Gordon: Wellness Program Components: What do Hospitality Employees Want?
  • PhD Student Katherine Dou: Improving Quality of Life Through Rural Tourism: An Analysis of Government Role in China.
  • Dr. Emily Liu (Visiting Scholar), PhD Student Jieyu (Jade) Shi, and Dr. Liping A. Cai: An Examination of Seniors' Quality of Life for Tourists and Locals in Rural Tourism.
  • Dr. Emily Liu (Visiting Scholar): The Heartland of U.S.A as the Destination for Business Travelers from Asia.
  • PhD Student Katherine Dou: Developing Intercultural Sensitivity through Community-Based Cultural Tourism.
  • PhD Students Jieyu (Jade) Shi and Shweta Singh: OBOR Initiative: A Disruption of Global Tourism System?
  • PhD Studennts Shweta Singh, Jieyu (Jade) Shi, and Dr. Liping A. Cai: Mediated Guest-Host Interaction: Role of Social Media - Case of India.
  • Dr. Liping A. Cai: U.S. and China Relations: a Revised Tourism Research Agenda.
  • PhD Student Shangzhi (Charles) Qiu: Research Ethics: Experiences and Lessons for online Surveys.
  • PhD Student Mark Keene: Survive the Transition to the Online Learning Environment.
  • PhD Student Yunzi Zhang and Dr. Yang Jiao, Department of Anthropology, Miami University, Oxford OH: The Silk Road and the Service Industries.
  • Dr. Annmarie Nicely and Undergraduate Karla (Gabbie) Morrison: Loyalty After Intense Visitor Harassment.
  • Drs. Howard Adler and Sandra Sydnor: Mindful Experiential Learning through Study Abroad.
  • Dr. Annmarie Nicely, Dr. Hugo Tang, Undergraduate Aidan Selvia, and PhD Student Filza Armadita: Socio-Economic Determinants of Visitor Harassment Intensity.
  • Dr. Yang Jiao, Department of Anthropology, Miami University, Oxford OH: China Meets Africa: A Brief Illustration of the Life of Chinese Migrants in Africa.
  • Dr. Erik Otarola-Castillo, Department of Anthropology: A Research Seminar with an Archaeologist: Quantitative Enquiries Using R!
  • PhD Student Shangzhi (Charles) Qiu: Travel to Your Trueself in Indiana; Improving Well-being through Rural tourism.
  • Dr. Dongfan Wu (Visiting Scholar), Department of Architecture, Tsinghua University: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Motivations of Rural Tourists.
  • Dr. Dongfan Wu (Visiting Scholar), Department of Architecture, Tsinghua University: Rural Tourism Design and Community Quality of Life.
  • Dr. Sandra Sydnor: Uncommon Service: Leveraging Hospitality in Healthcare Settings.
  • Filza Armadita: Volunteer Tourism and Community Wellness.
  • Saerom Wang and Yunzi Zhang: Food, Tourism and Wellbeing.
  • Dr. Chunying Wen (Visiting Scholar), Communication University of China: Communication Challenges in Tourism Research.
  • Dr. Jonathon Day: Taking Time Off : The Intersection of Wellbeing Research, Policy and Tourism.

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