HTM Research Colloquium on Tourism, Health, and Quality of Life

2018-2019 | 150th Anniversary Making-Lives-Better Series

November 30th | Does the Recovery Experience Count? The Relationship Among Workaholism, Well-being, and Career Success

  • Lead speaker: Ph.D. Student Crystal Shi, and Dr. Susan Gordon
  • Synopsis: Recovery experience could be related to hospitality managers’ career success positively. The study is designed to understand how recovery experience from days off influence hospitality employees’ well-being and career success. Through a cross-sectional approach, this study also explores the moderating role of workaholism in the relationship among recovery experience, well-being, and career success.
  • Contributors: Ph.D. Students, Jianan Zhang and Dori Davari

November 16th | Protecting Students Interns Title IX Rights in the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

  • Lead speaker: Dr. Mick La Lopa
  • Synopsis: Is it true that female is experiencing more sexual bias than male? How do students respond to sexual harassment? Do student interns experience more emotional stress? Does gender discrimination exist on campus? Through a non-response bias research, this study focuses on preparing and protecting students for being sexually harassed in the hospitality industry. 
  • Contributors: Ph.D. Students, Jianan Zhang and Dori Davari

November 9th | The Role of Faculty in Student Mentoring and Advising

  • Lead speaker: Dr. Howard Adler
  • Synopsis: Students pick a university in part because of its organizational saga, excellent physical facilities, reputation of its programs, and in large parts its faculty. If Ph.D. students want to end up in academia, they need to prepare themselves for teaching, mentoring, and supporting students. Conducting research behind closed doors is not enough. Professors are rather role models for students. They have to have more collaborations with the students and be more cautious about the depth of interpersonal impacts. Students tend to learn more from professors outside the classroom compared to inside. Unfortunately, there has been a wave in academia to limit the responsibility of professors to teaching for efficiency-increase purposes and not even assign an office to them.
  • Contributors: Ph.D. Students, Jianan Zhang and Dori Davari

November 2nd | Mobile Technology Application in Museum -- Can the Push Function Enhance Visitors' Souvenir Purchase Intention?

  • Lead speakers: Dr. Aileen Fan and PhD Student Katherine Dou
  • Synopsis: Based on the contextual marketing theory and flow theory, the study aims to examine the effect of a context-triggered push function in the museum mobile app on visitors’ souvenir purchase intention and museum experiential quality. Using a scenario-based experimental approach, the results are expected to have important implications for museum practitioners regarding the effectiveness and risks of context-based mobile marketing.
  • Contributors: Ph.D. Students, Jianan Zhang and Dori Davari

October 5th | Scholarship and Research Theme Development 

  • Lead speaker: Dr. Xinran Lehto 
  • Synopsis: Connecting research to something of a bigger picture and meaningful is essential. Creative thinking, the ability to see beyond the seeming fact, generates new ideas. Research theme should be aligned with who the researchers are and their authentic selves. Being academically happy is very important. Integrating passion and uniqueness into research significantly contribute to academic happiness.
  • Contributors: Ph.D. Students, Jianan Zhang and Dori Davari

September 28th | Big Data. Is it really a BIG Deal? 

  • Lead speaker: Dr. Stephen Leitch
  • Synopsis: Every day we create 2,500,000,000,000,000,000 (2.5 quintillion) bytes of data. 90% of the world’s data today has been created in the last 2 years alone. Big data offers so much information that many studies are required to develop new frameworks and theories to find its impact on “industry.” The significance of data-driven decision making in “hospitality businesses” is not yet realized.
  • Contributors: Ph.D. Students, Jianan Zhang and Dori Davari
  • Exponent Article

September 21st | Leisure Mobility of Millennials: Socio-psychological Implications

  • Lead speakers: Dr. Liping CaiDr. Aileen FanPh.D. Student Jade Shi
  • Synopsis: Millennials are more willing to spend time on online interactions and more comfortable to build relationships with other via new technology. Leisure travel experience partially mediates the positive relationship between mobile technology functions and Chinese millennials’ mobile technology engagement. Enhanced leisure travel experience facilitated by mobile technology also prompts Chinese millennials’ continuous usage of mobile technology outside the travel context.
  • Contributors: Ph.D. Students, Jianan Zhang and Dori Davari

September 7th | Back to Basics - Why We Travel (II)

  • Lead speakers: Dr. Liping CaiDr. Jonathon DayPh.D. Students Jade Shi, and Jianan Zhang
  • Synopsis:  Emergence of “bleisure” is getting attention from researchers. Traditional approach of understanding travel motivation by purpose of trip may not be effective anymore. “Respect” as a value proposition is still part of a destination attractiveness. “Authenticity” as a pull factor is questioned with the rise of “staged authenticity.” What means "local" to many tourists is fake to locals. Destination image and destination branding are different. Residents are part of, and impact both.
  • Contributors: Ph.D. Students, Jianan Zhang and Dori Davari

August 31st | Back to Basics - Why We Travel (I)

  • Lead speakers: Dr. Liping CaiDr. Jonathon Day, and Ph.D. Student Dori Davari
  • Synopsis: Specific attributes of a destination could become attractions that “pull” people to it; one’s desires to escape from usual home environment could “push” her/him away towards a destination. This pull-push concept and other motivation theories have been applied extensively in tourism literature. They must be challenged from time to time to inspire critical thinking. 
  • Contributors: Ph.D. Students, Jianan Zhang and Dori Davari

Past Colloquiums

  • Dr. Annmarie Nicely and Undergraduate Student Soyoung Yoo:Strategies Used Around the World to Tackle Negative Visitor Harassment
  • PhD Student Xiaolin (Crystal) Shi and Dr. Susan Gordon: Dirty Work in the Hotel: The Role of Family Supportive Supervisor Behavior in Housekeeping Attendants' Psychological Well-being
  • Dr. Jonathon Day and multiple graduate students: Tourism and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG): Thinking Critically about the SDGs and Creating a Research Agenda to Achieve Them.
  • Dr. Zilan Gong (Visting Scholar) and Dr. Mick La Lopa: An Exploratory Study of Quality of Work Life in Chinese Economy Hotels.
  • Dr. Annmarie Nicely and multiple graduate students: Curbing Negative Visitor Harassment: Jamaica's Struggle.
  • PhD Xiaolin (Crystal) Shi and Dr. Susan Gordon: Perceived Organizational Support, Perceived Supervisor Support, Psychological Contract and Work Engagement: A Scenario Based Approach to Explore Managers' Perspectives in Hotel Industry.
  • PhD Student Li Ge and Dr. Barbara Almanza: Preference for Food Quality versus Quantity: Does it Contribute to a Healthier Body Mass Index?
  • Dr. Xinran Lehto: Destination Experience Design Parameters.
  • Dr. Alei Fan: Whose Job to Fix an SST Service Failure? A Cross-cultural Study.
  • Dr. Susan Gordon: Wellness Program Components: What do Hospitality Employees Want?
  • PhD Student Katherine Dou: Improving Quality of Life Through Rural Tourism: An Analysis of Government Role in China.
  • Dr. Emily Liu (Visiting Scholar), PhD Student Jieyu (Jade) Shi, and Dr. Liping A. Cai: An Examination of Seniors' Quality of Life for Tourists and Locals in Rural Tourism.
  • Dr. Emily Liu (Visiting Scholar): The Heartland of U.S.A as the Destination for Business Travelers from Asia.
  • PhD Student Katherine Dou: Developing Intercultural Sensitivity through Community-Based Cultural Tourism.
  • PhD Students Jieyu (Jade) Shi and Shweta Singh: OBOR Initiative: A Disruption of Global Tourism System?
  • PhD Studennts Shweta Singh, Jieyu (Jade) Shi, and Dr. Liping A. Cai: Mediated Guest-Host Interaction: Role of Social Media - Case of India.
  • Dr. Liping A. Cai: U.S. and China Relations: a Revised Tourism Research Agenda.
  • PhD Student Shangzhi (Charles) Qiu: Research Ethics: Experiences and Lessons for online Surveys.
  • PhD Student Mark Keene: Survive the Transition to the Online Learning Environment.
  • PhD StudentYunzi Zhang and Dr. Yang Jiao, Department of Anthropology, Miami University, Oxford OH: The Silk Road and the Service Industries.
  • Dr. Annmarie Nicely and Undergraduate Karla (Gabbie) Morrison: Loyalty After Intense Visitor Harassment.
  • Drs. Howard Adler and Sandra Sydnor: Mindful Experiential Learning through Study Abroad.
  • Dr. Annmarie Nicely, Dr. Hugo Tang, Undergraduate Aidan Selvia, and PhD Student Filza Armadita: Socio-Economic Determinants of Visitor Harassment Intensity.
  • Dr. Yang Jiao, Department of Anthropology, Miami University, Oxford OH: China Meets Africa: A Brief Illustration of the Life of Chinese Migrants in Africa.
  • Dr. Erik Otarola-Castillo, Department of Anthropology: A Research Seminar with an Archaeologist: Quantitative Enquiries Using R!
  • PhD Student Shangzhi (Charles) Qiu: Travel to Your Trueself in Indiana; Improving Well-being through Rural tourism.
  • Dr. Dongfan Wu (Visiting Scholar), Department of Architecture, Tsinghua University: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Motivations of Rural Tourists.
  • Dr. Dongfan Wu (Visiting Scholar), Department of Architecture, Tsinghua University: Rural Tourism Design and Community Quality of Life.
  • Dr. Sandra Sydnor: Uncommon Service: Leveraging Hospitality in Healthcare Settings.
  • Filza Armadita: Volunteer Tourism and Community Wellness.
  • Saerom Wang and Yunzi Zhang: Food, Tourism and Wellbeing.
  • Dr. Chunying Wen (Visiting Scholar), Communication University of China: Communication Challenges in Tourism Research.
  • Dr. Jonathon Day: Taking Time Off : The Intersection of Wellbeing Research, Policy and Tourism.

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