Disciplinary Guidelines

All disciplinary action will be determined on a case-by-case basis. The discipline imposed will depend upon, but not be limited to, the seriousness of the performance/behavioral issues and the impact on the University.

The University values its employees and believes that termination is appropriate only in serious cases of performance/behavioral issues. Consistent with this belief, it is the University´s general policy to correct employee performance/behavioral issues before they rise to a level requiring discharge. Accordingly, the University generally uses the following four-step, progressive discipline process.

Step 1: Verbal warning
Step 2: Written reprimand
Step 3: Suspension without pay/final written warning
Step 4: Termination of employment

Because some performance/behavioral issues warrant skipping steps in the process, the University reserves the right to immediately terminate an employee or skip any step(s) in the progressive discipline process.

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