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Fast Facts

The charts below are for information purposes only. Each school/college at Purdue varies in terms of size and the number of majors offered. Exploratory Studies students have the opportunity to CODO into any major at Purdue, so there is no correlation between the number of students accepted into a particular school/college and the year.

 Where Our Students CODO Overview

CODO stands for Change of Degree Objective. This chart provides an overview of which colleges our students CODOed into from 2015 to 2018.

 Where Our Students CODO By Year

This chart provides a detailed view of which colleges our students CODOed into at the end of the academic year from 2015 to 2018.


Incoming Exploratory Class Sizes

Fun Fact: Fall 2018 was the largest incoming class in Purdue history, with Exploratory Studies being the 3rd largest college


Exploratory Studies Students take Giant Leaps toward Engagement

Students in Exploratory Studies have the opportunity to live in a Learning Community (LC) where they interact with peers who share their interests. During the Fall 2018 semester, 201 students in our program joined an LC, which is one-fifth of our student population. Exploratory Studies has 7 LC’s specific to our program, but our students can apply for some of the major-specific communities as well.

Learning Communities


Exploratory Studies Students take Giant Leaps toward Scholarship

Since 2015, 334 of our students have received scholarships through both Exploratory Studies and the university. These scholarships include: Presidential, Rising Scholars, Trustee, and 1st Year Exploratory.


In addition to merit-based scholarships, our students receive monetary awards through programs such as Purdue Promise and 21st Century Scholars. Purdue Promise focuses on incoming low-income students and 21st Century Scholars focuses on first-generation college students.