Exploratory Studies Explore. Discover. Decide

Exploration Courses: EDPS 10500 and GS 11900

In your first semester as an Exploratory Studies student, you will take the same classes as any other Purdue student, including mathematics, composition, humanities, business, and science. But you will also take a class that no one else at Purdue can take - one that helps you plan the trajectory of your college career and your life after graduation. 

What is EDPS 10500: Academic and Career Planning?

  • A three-credit hour course REQUIRED for all Exploratory Studies students. It typically counts as a free elective in most plans of study and is a University Core Curriculum option (Information Literacy).
  • Focuses on the process of major and career exploration through the analysis of assessments, web research, personal reflection, and group discussion.
  • A "hybrid" course experience: Two hours per week are spent in class and one hour is spent outside of class on additional instructional activities, such as online videos, journal writing, discussion boards and readings. The out-of-class work prepares students to participate fully in classroom activities.  
  • A small class size of 25-27 that allows for easy interaction with other students and with the instructor.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Describe and explain multiple facets of your identity.
  • Identify and analyze potential academic majors.
  • Identify and analyze potential careers.
  • Evaluate potential majors and careers in relation to yourself.

Sample Assignments

  • Self-Exploration Assessments: Students examine their personality traits, interests, and strengths, connecting them to career options.
  • Marketing Your Major: Students research a major and then create a brochure to share with their classmates.
  • Student Interview: Students interview a junior or senior in a major of interest and reflect upon what they have learned.
  • Career Interview: Students interview a professional working in a career field of interest and reflect upon what they have learned.
  • Interview Introduction Presentation: Students create a short presentation addressing the interview question "Tell me about yourself?" by using key takeaways from EDPS 10500 in connection to personal experiences, achievements, and future goals. 

GS 11900: Introduction to Academic Programs at Purdue

Many Exploratory Studies students also register for GS 11900, an OPTIONAL 8-week, one-credit hour Pass/No Pass course.  Each GS 11900 class meeting consists of presentations from many of Purdue's Colleges and Schools encompassing 200+ academic programs. 

Exploratory Studies provides students plenty of resources for finding a major! 

"Taking EDPS 105 my first semester at college helped me to learn more about myself and what I want to pursue in a degree and career. The community my advisor created in class definitely made the transition to college a little easier." -Audrey P.