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CODO (Change of Major) Process

Ready to declare your major?  The Change of Degree Objective (CODO) allows a current Purdue student to transfer from one school or college to another within Purdue.  This is the process by which Exploratory Studies students move to their desired majors!  In order to successfully CODO, follow these simple steps:

How to CODO from Exploratory Studies 

  1. Review the CODO requirements for your college or school and confirm that you have met them. You may need to click on links for additional information to make sure!
  2. Complete any additional departmental CODO procedures, such as filling out applications, pulling up"What If?" reports, submitting essays, attending a CODO meeting with a department advisor, etc.
  3. Make an appointment with your CURRENT Exploratory Studies Advisor to CODO.  During the meeting, your advisor will double-check that you meet the CODO requirements, then submit an online CODO request for you.
  4. Complete the Exit Survey you receive via e-mail from Exploratory Studies.
  5. Watch for e-mails from "noreply@purdue.edu."  You'll receive an e-mail as the CODO request moves through each step. 
  6. The new college or school will review your CODO application.  They can accept it, deny it, or hold it (usually meaning they are waiting for your end-of-semester grades to post before they make the final decision).  Keep an eye on your e-mail - they may contact you for additional information.
  7. Once the new college or school approves your CODO application, verify the requested change using the instructions you receive by e-mail.
  8. Confirm your CODO by checking myPurdue > Academics Tab > Academic Profile area (right side of the page).  Your new advisor's name will also be listed in the acceptance e-mail you receive from "noreply@purdue.edu."  You can look up their e-mail and office number using the Purdue Directory

How to CODO to Exploratory Studies

Are you a transfer or current Purdue student who is still exploring academic options?  That's okay! If you want to investigate your academic and career possibilities at (and after) Purdue, then Exploratory Studies may be the right place for you.

NOTE: All students CODOing into Exploratory Studies during their first year of college MUST take EDPS 10500 “Academic & Career Planning.” For more information or to schedule an appointment with an academic advisor, please contact Exploratory Studies at (765) 494-0843.      


To be eligible to CODO into Exploratory Studies, a student must have earned fewer than 83 credits that count toward the calculation of Exploratory Studies Total Credits.

Credit counted toward this total includes:

  • Credits by exam (AP, CLEP, Purdue advanced credit exams, foreign language credit, etc.)
  • Transfer credit (from dual-credit or college sources)
  • Pass/no pass credits
  • Courses in which students have earned a grade of F
  • Currently enrolled courses

Credit that is not counted toward this total includes:

  • Course withdrawals (W)
  • Previous attempts of repeated courses

Please note:

  • If students can CODO from their current program to the degree-granting college they are seeking at the end of the current semester, they are not eligible to CODO to Exploratory Studies.
  • If students are unable to CODO to that degree-granting college once grades post, then they can CODO to Exploratory Studies for the next semester.
  • If students have already enrolled in classes for their last semester of eligibility in their current college and plan to CODO to their college of choice at the end of that semester, they must wait for grades to post and CODO directly to their college of choice and then register for the next semester’s classes with their new advisor.