Exploratory Studies Explore. Discover. Decide

Prospective Students


Exploratory Studies is a program dedicated to help exploring students discover majors that best reflects their interests and ambitions.  Students are given the time and opportunity to test the integrity of the bridge before they cross it, measure the depth of the water before they dive in, and consider the height of the wall before they climb it.  They are explorers, taking those small steps to build a wonderful life for themselves and society. 

All of this occurs under the guidance of an experienced academic advisor to make sure students maintain a four-year graduation track.  An Exploratory Studies student has up to two years (2 fall and 2 spring semesters) to explore, but can declare their major any time during that period. To learn more about who we are, as well as the breadth of the Purdue majors students have to choose from, click on the links on the left. 

Purdue is offering both on-campus visits and the Purdue Virtual Experience to explore our campus.  For questions about Exploratory Studies, we encourage you to e-mail them to exploratory@purdue.edu or call (765) 494-0843.  We can help you decide whether our program is the best choice for you.