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Colleen E. Banter

Colleen Brown photo

Associate Director

Office: Young Hall (YONG), 6th floor
Phone: (765) 494-0843


I am an Indiana girl - I was born and raised in Valparaiso, Indiana (about 1 ½ hours northwest of here).  I moved to West Lafayette to attend Purdue in 1997 when I was 23 years old.  I have been here since then so this community really feels like home.  My mom and step-dad still live in the same house in Valpo so that feels like home too.  I am so lucky!


I earned a BA in Public Relations and an MS in Communication & Media both from Purdue.  I am a Boilermaker through and through – Boiler UP!


I worked in the hospitality field for many years during and after college where I learned the great art of guest interaction and satisfaction – a VERY transferrable skill set.  I also learned about multitasking, team building, training, budgeting, and marketing.  I also worked in advertising for a few years after my master’s until I listened to my heart and came back to higher education – where my TRUE passions lie. I began teaching at Purdue during my master’s degree and have taught a variety of COM classes for more than 13 total semesters. I began with advising Purdue COM students in the College of Liberal Arts and spent several happy years there. I moved to Exploratory Studies in December of 2014 as a senior academic advisor. I am now Assistant Director of our program and the main part of my job is coordinating all setions and instructors of our EDPS 105 class. I am looking forward to continuing to broadening my advising knowledge, improve EDPS 105, and lending my passion and abilties to awesome Exploring students. 

Advice for the Future Boilermaker

College is a wonderful privilege – be aware that not everyone gets to participate in this transformative experience so please be grateful that your situation allows you to be here and treat it kindly.  Make brave and meaningful choices – don’t run from a challenge!  Working hard and persevering through adversity builds character, knowledge, and helps you grow in ways you can never predict.  College is much more than advanced job training so don’t forget you are also nurturing your intellect and beginning to become the next generation of global citizens this world so badly needs. Balance is key now and beyond college so keep working toward it.  Anything to excess is harmful – including studying.  Work hard but also have fun.  Take care of your heart and soul as much as you take care of your homework.   Use this amazing opportunity to reach outside of your comfort zone often.  Finally, utilize campus resources to their fullest – you have A LOT of people here that believe in you, are cheering for you, and are fully invested in helping you succeed.  USE US! 

Fun Facts

I am a huge sports fan and I cheer loyally for my Chicago Bears and Chicago White Sox.  No matter how painful.  I love to read popular fiction books - my favorite genre is fictional murder mysteries.  I have an equal obsession with TV shows concerning all law enforcement type topics (CSI, Law & Order, The Good Wife etc).  I studied abroad in Prague, Czech Republic the last summer of my undergrad – loved it!  I have probably traveled more internationally than in the US, hoping to change that.  I LOVE CAMPING.  I go several times a year.  Tents rock!