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Student Organizations are a valuable part of the college experience!  They offer opportunities for leadership development, community service, and provide great networking connections.  Student organizations also allow students to connect to something larger than themselves, which can expand their view of the world and help them explore their future role in it.  Exploratory Studies offers some fantastic groups that YOU can be a member of:

Exploratory Studies Ambassadors

The Exploratory Studies Ambassadors is a select group of students who are dedicated to the positive promotion of the Exploratory Studies Program and Purdue University.  The group is comprised of current and former Exploratory students who wish to share their experiences with prospective Purdue students at orientation and admissions events throughout the year.  Ambassadors have the vital role of communicating their knowledge of what it is like to be a beginning student without a major.  The program allows talented Exploratory students to meet, interact, and network with future Boilermakers, their families, and fellow peers.

For more information, contact us at exploratory@purdue.edu or call (765) 494-0843. 

Become an Exploratory Studies Ambassador

Exploratory Studies Ambassadors are selected through an application and interview process conducted each fall semester. 

BoilerMENTOR Program

The Purdue University BoilerMENTOR program is a peer-to-peer mentoring program for first-year students who are recipients of the Emerging Leader scholarship.  Each year, Exploratory Studies pairs incoming Emerging Leaders scholars with upper-class students who are or have been in the Exploratory Studies Program.

Who are the BoilerMENTORs?

The students selected as BoilerMENTORs are leaders on campus and have demonstrated the ability to adjust to the collegiate environment and perform well academically. Their strong commitment to academics and to the University community serves as the platform for where we desire our incoming students to reach. 

Current Emerging Leaders are encouraged to be mentors in this program.

BoilerMENTORs are selected through an application and interview process conducted each spring semester.  The application process will be posted on this site when available. 

For more information contact Cara Wetzel or call (765) 494-0843. 

Exploratory Student PSG Senators

Purdue Student Government (PSG) is a student-run and operated organization that is responsible for representing and communicating student concerns to the student-body, faculty, community members, university administration, and alumni. The Purdue Student Government Website provides information about the organization’s officers, meetings, activities, and more.

Exploratory Studies Purdue Student Government (PSG) Senators are three (3) students who serve as a bridge between Exploratory Studies and the Purdue Student Government. These three students provide opportunities for Exploratory Studies students' voices and perspectives to be shared within the legislative branch of the Purdue Student Government. Our mission is to provide a connection between Exploratory Studies and Purdue Student Government, to engage Exploratory students in meaningful activities and events, and to increase awareness of the Exploratory Studies Program.



Elli Didonna (she/her)

Email: edidonna@purdue.edu

Majors: Management and Economics
Minors: Political Science and Philosophy
PSG Projects:
The Safer Misconduct Action Plan
The PSG Small Grant Program
The Fiscal Guidelines
Updating the Purdue Posting Policy



Shaun Amos (he/him)

Email: amos16@purdue.edu
Major: Radiological Health Sciences; College of Health & Human Science
Hope to focus on advancing underrepresented communities at Purdue, such as providing informational resources, implementation of a week dedicated to the diverse cultures at Purdue, and ensuring student voices from these communities are heard.



Erika Wheeler (she/her)

Erika Wheeler (she/her)

Email: wheel100@purdue.edu
Major: Political Science
Minor: English






Become an Exploratory Studies PSG Senator

PSG membership is open to all current and post-CODO Exploratory students! New members are selected through an application and interview process early each fall semester -- and whenever vacancies arise. To apply, complete this Qualtrics survey.

Please email direct position, organizational, and PSG-specific questions to Senator Elli Didonna.

You may email application-related and procedural questions to our Senior Recruitment Manager for Exploratory Studies, Shawna Squirek, or call (765) 494-0843.

Still looking for another way to get involved at Purdue? 

Check out the B-Involved page, which offers a variety of student involvement opportunities at Purdue.  You can find information on student clubs and organization, Fraternity, Sorority, and Cooperative life, intramural sports, volunteer experiences, and even student activities. These can help you get connected to other students, make friends, and build new experiences!