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November 30, 2023 | For Administrative Operations staff

Administrative Operations surpasses fundraising goal for United Way campaign

Administrative Operations surpassed the goal to raise $15,000 for this year’s United Way Campaign. The organization raised a total of $19,053.25! Administrative Operations was the number one unit at Purdue for event donations (almost $4,000) and placed in the top four out of 32 units for best response rate.

AO’s co-chairs, Brandi Jittjumnongk and Lauren Stearns, would like to thank all those who participated and demonstrated the value of teamwork, in addition to this year's champions:

  • Patrick Brown, Campus Planning, Architecture and Sustainability
  • Lisa Cross, Building Services
  • Brian Gilbert, Real Estate
  • Dave Miskin, Building Services
  • Wendy Tomas-Dolick, Building Services

They would also like to recognize Building Services for modeling the way by hosting special events, including a bake sale, popcorn delivery and chili cook-off.

The goal for all of Purdue was $700,000 with the total amount raised coming in at $704,188.

This group was one of many in building services that hosted special events to raise money.

Juana Garcia, Karen Kauffman, Peggy Bellah-Knowles, Heather Sanders in Building Services hosted special events to raise money.


AO hosted an auction at the Staff Appreciation Meal to help raise funds for United Way.

Dave Miskin, Lauren Stearns, Lisa Cross and Wendy Tommas-Dolick at the AO Staff Appreciation Meal.


A group of AO staff hosted a chili cook-off to raise funds for United Way.

Dave Miskin, Wendy Tommas-Dolick, Lisa Duncan with Office of Engagement and Brandi Jittjumnongk at a chili cook-off for the United Way campaign.