Radiological and Environmental Management

Welcome to Radiological and Environmental Management (REM)! We serve as a consultant to the University Community for Construction Health & Safety, Environmental Health, Hazardous Materials, Industrial Hygiene, Injury Prevention, Laser Safety, Occupational Safety, and Radiation Safety. We assist in monitoring regulatory compliance with various federal, state, and university regulations involving environmental, health and safety issues. Our services include training, consultation, emergency response, and waste removal.

The Integrated Safety Plan (ISP) is REM's strategic plan for safety at Purdue. It provides a structure to communicate environmental, health and safety issues across the organization. Working toward increased awareness, the Integrated Safety Plan provides a mechanism for safety committees, self-audits, and departmental indemnification from regulatory fines. Call on us to help - that's what we are here to do!

If you can't find the answer to your environmental, health, or safety concern on these pages, please feel free to contact me, Jim Schweitzer.