Kudos Card

The Kudos card is a way to recognize and thank any Administrative Operations (AO) employee for a job well done. Any employee at any level can send a Kudos to any other employee for any kind of accomplishment, contribution or task.

Did an AO employee go out of their way to help with a project or task? Has a supervisor been exceptionally supportive during a time of need? Do you just want to make someone’s day? Be sure to say thank you with a Kudos.

Kudos cards are available here:

For the electronic version, be sure to File>Print>“Save as PDF” (change the printing destination) to remove the boxes. For the printable version, be sure to print 2-sided on 8.5 x 11 paper and then cut in half.

Printed Kudos cards are also available at the following locations:

  • Hampton Hall of Civil Engineering (See Phyllis Hill)
  • Hazardous Materials Management Trailer (Near the mailboxes)
  • Materials Management and Distribution Center (In the break room)
  • Physical Facilities Service Building (Near the mailboxes)
  • Purdue Technology Center Aerospace (At the second floor front desk)
  • Purdue University Fire Department, DeMent Fire Station (In the meeting room)
  • Purdue University Police Department, Terry House (At the main desk)

Kudos can be completed and given to any AO employee or supervisor at any time. A kudos can be emailed to the employee, be given directly to the employee or left on a desk or in a mailbox.

Questions about the Kudos card may be directed to aoadmins@purdue.edu.

Note: The Kudos card is separate from the Bravo Award program.