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November 17, 2023 | For Administrative Operations staff

Action required for weekend SAP GUI update, steps to install future software and printer updates

Purdue IT’s Endpoint Support Services, or ESS (formerly CSDS support), will push SAP GUI version 8.00 to Administrative Operations computers they manage at midnight on Saturday (Nov. 25). SAP GUI users will need to take steps after that time to self-install the update on their primary machine.

AO staff are not required to restart their machines prior to Nov. 25 for the update to be available. However, remote users will need to have their workstations powered on and connected to to receive the update over the weekend.

On or after Nov. 26, SAP GUI users should take the following actions to install the update:

  1. Connect your machine to the network or VPN, if it's not already. 
  2. Search “Company Portal” from the Start menu and open the app.
  3. On the “Home” screen, find and click on the SAP GUI 8.00 tile.
  4. Click on “Install” in the top right corner.
  5. “Download pending…” will be displayed at the top of the page while installation occurs, and it will change to “Installed” upon completion.

Note: If the install continuously spins or fails, restart the machine then repeat the steps outlined above to try the install again.

This same self-install procedure should be used for all printers and specialty software, including Adobe, when updates are available in the Company Portal. Staff are encouraged to regularly check the Company Portal for updates and initiate installation.

If the SAP GUI update is not listed in your Company Portal app after Nov. 25, is shown in the Company Portal but fails to install after restarting or if you have other questions, please contact Purdue IT at 765-494-4000 or