Administrative Operations Connection

November 2, 2023 | For the campus community

Administrative Operations and Purdue for Life partner for successful Purdue Day of Service

Administrative Operations recently partnered with Purdue For Life for another successful Day of Service. Purdue for Life hosts the event, and our Grounds department staff do a considerable amount of planning leading up to the event, including designing the tree planting project, determining the tree species, purchasing the trees, preparing the planting sites and ensuring volunteers are properly planting new trees.

This year, volunteers planted 214 trees at two locations on the West Lafayette campus. These newly planted trees help support the 1869 Tree Planting Master Plan, which calls for planting 3,738 trees by fiscal year 2025. The total number of trees in the master plan was determined by doubling 1,869, which is the year Purdue was founded.

To learn more about the Day of Service, please read the recent article on the Purdue For Life website.