Please note: Accommodated testing services provided through PTS are only available for courses taught at the West Lafayette location.

Instructor Resources for Accommodated Testing

At Purdue University, it’s our shared responsibility to ensure students have access to usable, equitable, inclusive and sustainable learning environments.

To ensure this accessibility, it is the responsibility of students to request accommodations, the responsibility of instructors to fulfill accommodations and Purdue Testing Service’s responsibility to be a resource for both parties.

Testing accommodations are granted by the Disability Resource Center to students whose condition may impact their equal access to learning assessments. Instructors can find approved accommodations listed on a student’s Course Accessibility Letter (CAL).

Disability Accommodations & Final Exam Town Hall

The following is a video recording from a Town Hall event held by Purdue Testing Services and Disability Resource Center on March 21, 2024.

How to arrange for the exam to be administered through Purdue Testing Services.

Students may take accommodated exams and quizzes through Purdue Testing Services. However, if an exam falls under one of the following categories, instructors will need to consult with PTS ahead of time:

  • Contains audio or video components
  • Contains digital images or interactive presentations
  • Computer-based or online exam
  • Administered on a student’s computer
  • Requires specific software
  • Student requires specific formats to access information (e.g., Braille, digital text, etc.)

When any of the above characteristics apply, instructors are encouraged to inform Purdue Testing Services as early as possible. Without adequate lead time, PTS reserves the right to alter the date the exam is given.

Additionally, there are times when PTS’s space reaches capacity. When that occurs, instructors are responsible for providing the appropriate testing conditions outlined in a student’s CAL.