Purdue University-West Lafayette’s Terms Related to Degree Map

Italicized text is taken directly from HEA 1348-2013


This is the electronic tool that Purdue University will be using to track degree progress and meet compliance with the degree map legislation. Advisors will use the "Worksheet" and "Plans" tabs to track degree progress. The Purdue name for DegreeWorks is myPurduePlan.


This is the name for the electronic tool (DegreeWorks) that tracks a student’s degree requirements and houses various functions, such as a worksheet (audit), notes, plans, exceptions (advisors only) and GPA calculator. Click here for more information on using the myPurduePlan.

Active Plan

This is a semester-by-semester plan that a student intends to take. This listing of classes/plan is for registration purposes. A student may only have one active plan at a given time (Also see Customized Degree Map).

Locked Plan

This is any plan/degree map that cannot be changed or edited.


A student is "off-plan" when they choose to take a course that is not a degree requirement and is not previously listed on their degree map.


A student is "off-track" when they do not successfully complete one or more courses listed in their degree map and is a degree requirement.


This is a list of 10 or fewer courses or range of courses that will satisfy specific degree requirements.


This is a requirement that cannot be categorized under the other available types and has a list of classes greater than 10.
Example: University Core – Quantitative Reasoning 3 credits

Non-course Requirement

This is an academic requirement (not a course) that satisfies a degree requirement.
Example: AT01 – Globalization meets a requirement for BS in Aviation Technology

Inactive Plan

This is a semester-by-semester plan that a student is no longer intending to pursue. A student can have multiple inactive plans.

Catalog Term

This is the term in which the student matriculated to Purdue University or began their chosen major/ degree requirements, depending on the policies of the particular academic unit.

Starting Term

For students that begin in the fall semester, select that term. For students that begin in the spring semester, select the previous fall term. For students that begin in the summer semester, select the previous fall term.

Academic Year

An academic year is considered the fall, spring and summer terms. Example – Fall 2014, Spring 2015 and Summer 2015 semesters make up an academic year.

Student Educational Planner - SEP (Degree Map)

The SEP is the registration planning tool that students and advisors can use to create long range academic plans and goals, also known as the "Plans" tab in myPurduePlan.


The "Worksheet" tab in myPurduePlan is a review/audit of past and current coursework that provides information on completed and outstanding requirements necessary to fulfill degree/major/minor/concentration requirements.

"What if" Function (Worksheets Tab)

The "what if" function available on the "Worksheets" tab allows students to plan for changing their major, minor or concentration by showing the remaining requirements for that major, minor or concentration in the form of a Worksheet.


Audit is synonymous with "Worksheet". It is also a button on the "Plans" tab. Audit aligns the plan against the degree/major/minor/concentration in which a student is currently enrolled.

The audit is separated into blocks based on degree, major, University core, and concentration requirements. Classes taken or currently in-progress are used to fulfill the block. Completed classes are indicated by a checkmark, while in-progress courses are indicated by a blue box with a white tilde. Any outstanding requirements will have an open red box beside them.

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