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For Students

Q.  Where an I find out more information about Curriculog?

A.  The Office of the Registrar has information at the following link:

Q.   How do I log in to Curriculog?

A.   Proceed to

Click on the Login icon in the upper right hand corner of the page. Enter your Purdue career account and password.

Q.   What is an approval process?

A.   Answer pending.

Q.   Who is the originator?

A.   The originator is the author of the proposal. Anyone with a Purdue career account can begin a proposal.


For Advisors

Q.   How do I start a proposal?

A.   Click on "New Proposal" under "My Tasks."  Select the form you need. 

Q.   Can I attach documents to my proposal?

A.   Yes, you can attach documents by clicking on the Files icon on the top of the toolbar.  Then you can upload th appropriate file(s).

Q.   What can't I launch my proposal?

A.   There are a couple of possible reasons:

  • You did not fill in all required field (marked with *). Go back and review the required fields.
  • There could be missing approval roles.  Contact

Q.   Who can edit a proposal once it has been launched?

A.   Whoever is active on an approval step can edit the proposal. Changes cannot be tracked if edits are made prior to a proposal being launched.

Q.   Where did my proposal go?

A.   Be sure you are logged into Curriculog. You can view your proposal anytime under the “My Proposals” tab if you are the originator. You can also view other proposals by clicking on “All Proposals” and selecting “advanced filter” to utilize the search option.

Q.   Can the originator be changed once the proposal is launched?

A.   No, once an individual starts the proposal, they are the only originator.

Q.   How does a proposal move forward to the next approver?

A.   Each person on the approval step must approve the proposal before it can move on. They should click on the Decisions icon, click on Approve and then click on Make My Decision.

Q.   Can the proposal be modified after a proposal has completed all approved steps?

A.   No, once a proposal is approved, it is complete. A new proposal will need to be created.


For Departments

Q.   Our Department Head or Dean has changed.  How do we update these?

A.    Submit an email to with the appropriate updates.

Q.   Where can I locate the Curriculog deadlines?

A.   Refer to the following website:

Scroll down to Process Workflows.

Q.   Who can I contact for assistance?

A.   Submit an email to


Purdue University, 610 Purdue Mall, West Lafayette, IN 47907, (765) 494-4600

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