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Required Equipment for XR  

Meta Quest 2

Meta Quest 2

VR Affordable, perfectly performs for a VR platform.
Meta Quest Pro

Meta Quest Pro

VR, AR, MR Performant and versatile headset, and reasonably priced.
Meta Quest 2
Meta Quest 3

VR, AR, MR Will likely overtake the Quest 2 in every criteria.
Microsoft HoloLens 2

AR/MR Expensive specialty hardware. Excels in its field, typically geared towards manufacturing and AR/MR visualization in a corporate setting.
Apple Vision Pro
Apple Vision Pro

VR, AR, MR Unknown. Expensive. If it boasts any proprietary benefits for Apple users, will potentially be worth the investment. Likely not usable for massive initiatives, but could be for more intimate research settings involving Apple equipment.

Apple iPad Pro
AR, MR The Apple iPad line provides good tools for AR and MR apps that will run natively on iOS.
Apple iPhone

VR, AR, MR Similar to the iPad, though there are also a number of attachments to turn smartphones into HMDs. Useful for VR-specific applications that can run on phone hardware.
Android Smartphone

VR, AR, MR Similar to an iPhone, but with access to a different repository of applications through Google Play rather than the Apple App Store. Much more variety in hardware, requiring more individual research to find a good fit for whatever use case is brought to the table.

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