Artificial Intelligence in Education

Recent advancements in publicly available software like ChatGPT, Claude, and Google Gemini have spurred discussion on the effective use of AI in Higher Education. Innovative Learning and Teaching@Purdue have aggregated several resources for Purdue instructors. To the left is an overview of generative AI applications, considerations for your course syllabus and assignments, creative uses of AI in educational settings, and algorithmic literacy.

Purdue University continues to support the autonomy and choice of faculty and instructors to utilize instructional technology that best suits their teaching and learning environments. As such, there is no official university policy restricting or governing the use of Artificial Intelligence, Large Language Models or similar generative technologies. However, as a result of considerable interest and requests from instructors, Innovative Learning has compiled several resources and suggestions for exploring the effect of these tools on your teaching practice.

Below are recordings from August 2023 of our Introduction to Large Language Models.

Intro to LLMs Session 1         Links used in Session 1
Intro to LLMs Session 2         Links used in Session 2
Intro to LLMs Session 3          

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