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There are a variety of Purdue-supported technology tools. Some tools are specific to face-to-face classroom learning and some tools can be used for any modality (face-to-face, online, or hybrid). Below are a few links to highlight technology tools that might be useful for getting started.  

Classroom Technology

To find out about the technology offered in Purdue’s classrooms go to the following website here.  

Boilercast is Purdue’s lecture capture system. You can request to have your lectures or other activities recorded in the centrally scheduled classrooms (and some departmental classrooms) and then published to your Brightspace course. To make a request go to the following website here.

Tips for using the classroom technology can be found at here

Web Conferencing Tools

Instructors may wish to use web conferencing tools in any modality of teaching, whether Face-to-Face, Online, or Hybrid. Click here for a guide from Purdue Information Technology to learn more about web conferencing tools.

To request assistance with the classroom technology or conferencing tools email

Learn more about other supported instructional technology tools by going here to the Innovative Learning website.  For assistance with these tools, email

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