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You will want to become familiar with Purdue’s library services. Below is a list for where to find information, and how to ask the librarian for assistance. They are here to help you!

  1. Purdue’s library offers several resources, such as Library Reading Lists, which is a tool used for electronic course reserves. Library Reading Lists allow you to create, manage, and share reading lists you create for a course. Reading lists can help you foster student engagement and meaningful learning. For help with this tool, please email to get started.
  2. You may also contact a Subject Librarians, which is a library faculty member specialized in teaching and learning in your discipline.
  3. As part of your graduate teaching assistant tasks, you may need to teach students how to critically engage with information. Purdue Libraries can help you incorporate Information Literacy in classes you assist.
  4. Purdue Libraries makes it easy to get it in touch with them; See Ask-a-Librarian, where you can chat, email, text, tweet, or browse guides. Other Library resources available to you as part of Purdue’s teaching community include:
    1. Knowledge Lab, which is rapid prototyping space where the Purdue community can use a variety of materials, equipment, and software to experiment with the exploration and presentation of their ideas.
    2. If you’re interested in borrowing equipment, you can do so through the Maker Tool Equipment Borrowing service.
    3. If you’re interested in creating a podcast, you can reserve the Podcast Studio.

The Digital Humanities Studio is also available to reserve, which is a mixed-use space equipped with key technology for projects, including four computers with software such as R, Python, Gephi, ArcGIS, Nvivo, and Abbyy Fine Reader; 3D printing and scanning; a manuscript and book scanner; data visualization monitors; and podcasting station. 

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