Online Graduate Course Launch Process

1 Exploratory

Weeks 0-4

2 Internal Approval

Weeks 5-19

3 Pre-Launch

Months 5-8

4 Launch & Continuous Support

Weeks 29-49+

Exploratory Phase (Month 1)
(All times are approximate. This timeline represents the best case scenario.)

Market Research Steps: Purdue Online will receive market research done by a 3rd party every 3-6 months. Including:Enrollment projectionsMarket positionPricingMarket research will be published, and a call for proposals will be issued. Specific departments may be asked to participate. Who
Week 0-2*
Notice of Intent Steps: Faculty Driven Initiative (or Corporation via Faculty): Please submit a Notice of Intent through Qualtrics. You will be notified if there are potential opportunities to collaborate with others in the system. If interested in learning what others are
Week 0-2*
Week 3-4
Steps: Once a Notice of Intent has been submitted, the information provided will be submitted into the Online Portfolio Management site. If there are opportunities for collaboration, the proposers will be contacted to start discussions.
Week 3-4
Week 4
Steps: The department head, faculty, and launch director will meet to discuss the timeline and process for launching the online program. Who is Involved: Faculty (Initiator)Purdue Online (Collaborator) Forms & Resources: Market Research RequestTo start a discussion, please contact us
Week 4