Healthcare concierge available to better serve employees

As part of Benefits’ mission to provide health and wellness education and support, healthcare concierge services are available to Purdue University employees and their families covered by one of Purdue’s medical plans.

Filling the role of healthcare concierge is Neil Smith.

In his role, Neil is committed to helping members who are struggling with the challenges of the healthcare system and is available to act as a source of education, guidance and support.

What the concierge can do for you

  • Provide expert advice on the ins and outs of the healthcare system
  • Guide and educate on health care billing and insurance claim disputes
  • Work directly with Anthem and health providers to assist with pre-certifications and the appeal process
  • Help to locate in-network providers and services that are best in care and most cost-effective to help you to become a more informed and better health care consumer.
  • Recommend health and wellness solutions available through Anthem and the Center for Healthy Living.

Neil Smith“I want to achieve a good relationship with the employees, so that they can depend on someone and reach out when there is an issue,” Neil says.

Neil brings a wealth of customer service and concierge experience to help him meet that goal, most recently as part of Anthem’s customer service team in Georgia. Prior to joining Anthem, he oversaw concierge responsibilities at a rehabilitation facility in Chicago.

Neil was born in Jamaica and moved to Chicago, where he graduated from high school. He earned a bachelor’s degree in computer network management from Westwood College. He enjoys soccer and is a former coach, as well as a lifelong Manchester United fan.

His position as healthcare concierge offers him three big benefits: a new challenge, a change of scenery and a shorter drive to his family in Chicago.

Neil is available by appointment only, in person or by phone. To make an appointment, call the Center for Healthy Living (where Neil’s office is housed) at 765-494-0111.

As always, please continue to contact Human Resources customer service for your benefits questions and concerns at 765-494-2222 or