Anthem’s Care & Cost Finder offers convenient, easy access to finding providers, services at low-costs

In 2019, Anthem’s Care & Cost Finder replaced Castlight as the shopping tool for providers and medical services for Purdue employees.

Through Anthem’s Care & Cost Finder, you again have a resource at your fingertips –  from your computer or mobile device – to help you find high-quality and affordable healthcare providers. What’s even better is that the Care & Cost Finder is free to you as part of your Purdue medical plan.

Care & Cost Finder is your one-stop shop to manage your healthcare budget. It comes as a surprise to some people that not all providers and locations charge the same price for the same service. Using Care & Cost Finder provides you with the means to know what you’ll pay where. You can search for a provider or medical need, like an MRI, and Care & Cost Finder will display results for you based on your Purdue medical plan by lower costs first. Estimates are based on what your plan covers, so you get a true picture of what you would pay. This tool also provides an easy, convenient way to compare providers and services side-by-side to ensure you are getting the best of the best. Additionally, you can get detailed information including specialties and quality ratings as well as provider bios and if a provider is accepting new patients.

“We all know that the costs of healthcare continue to rise, and as the the university worked to lower medical-related costs this year, the switch to Anthem’s tool, already embedded within our medical plans, was the right fit,” said Candace Shaffer, director of benefits in Human Resources. “Care & Cost Finder provides our employees with the resources to help them find the best healthcare providers and services at the lowest costs for their individual needs. Giving our employees the tools to be smart healthcare consumers when it comes to the costs that will impact their families is a must. The Care & Cost Finder fits that need and benefits both our employees and the university in regards to costs.”

Check out the demo to learn more. To use the Care & Cost Finder, simply register or log in at As an added convenience, the free Anthem Anywhere mobile app gives you the peace-of-mind of having your medical plan with you on the go as well as the ability to search for providers and services, no matter where you are.  

Any questions can be directed to Human Resources at, 765-494-2222 or toll-free at 877-725-0222.