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Exploratory Learning Communities

Learning Communities (LC) are designed for first-year Purdue students who are looking for a smaller classroom experience combined with extracurricular learning and peer networking.  Within the LC umbrella, there is a variety of formats and topics.  Some Learning Communities are for students admitted to a specific college (like Exploratory Studies), while others are based on a theme and are open to everyone.  You may take two to three classes with the students in your Learning Community during your first semester, or just one.  In addition, some Learning Communities have a Residential (“Living”) component where all members live in the same residence hall.  Overall, the goal of Learning Communities is to encourage students to build strong support networks, which can make a large university like Purdue feel more manageable!

Exploratory Studies-specific Learning Communities

Exploratory Studies Learning Communities combine activities within our Academic and Career Planning course, EDPS 10500, with extracurricular activities to explore majors and careers.  We offer six Learning Communities: Explorers, Exploratory Studies Honors, Explorers – Purdue Promise, Exploratory Studies Scholars , and Explorers LEAD

Exploratory Studies Honors students are required to live in a Purdue Residence Hall (location based on space).

All of the other Exploratory Studies Learning Communities students have the option of living in a Purdue Residence Hall (location based on space) with other LC students. 

Learning Communities extracurricular activities could include, but are not limited to: Boiler Challenge Ropes Course, visits to local sites of interest (corn mazes, museums, etc.), volunteering in the community, attending Purdue sporting and musical events, meeting for lunch or dinner, study breaks with pizza, and bowling.

Other Learning Communities open to Exploratory Studies Students

There are many other Learning Communities that are open to Exploratory Studies students. These include: Animalia, CLAIM, Construction Management, Medical Marvels, Pets and Society, The Nature of Wild Things, and Women in Agriculture.

How to Apply and Sign up for Housing

Learning Communities fill up quickly, so apply soon!   Application deadline for priority placement is April 15th and you will be notified through your Purdue e-mail around May 1st.  Also, even though the Residential (“Living”) component is not required to participate in the Exploratory Studies Learning Communities (except for Exploratory Studies Honors), you must still complete a separate housing contract by May 5th. For more answers to questions about Learning Communities, consult the Learning Community FAQ page