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Nathan Wong


Academic Advisor

Office: Young Hall (YONG), 6th floor
Phone: (765) 494-0843
E-mail: wong287@purdue.edu


I was born in Los Angeles, but I grew up in Eugene, Oregon (go Ducks!). After getting my undergraduate degree in San Diego, I lived in several cities across the U.S., including Huntington Beach, Iowa City, and Austin.  


B.A. Sociology; Minor: Urban Planning, University of California San Diego
M. Ed. Higher Education Leadership and Policy, The University of Texas at Austin


After working several years on the business side of advertising, I went graduate school to become an urban planner. As a teaching assistant, I soon realized that I liked working with my students far more than learning about urban planning, so I decided to pursue a career in higher education. I’ve been a teaching assistant for three years, specializing in courses in history, geography, and public policy. I’ve also coordinated a writing center at the University of Texas, where I helped students with essays, resumes, and study skills.


Purdue Learning Communities Student Engagement Award (Fall 2021)
Purdue Bravo Award (2020)

Advice for Future Boilermakers 

So much of what you learn in college happens outside of class. Even if you aren’t a social butterfly, make a realistic commitment to get involved with an organization, club, or activity that aligns with your interests. With over 1,000 organizations like Pet-a-Puppy club, Disney Appreciation club, and Dungeons of Purdue, you’re bound to find something that vibes with you. Expanding your social circle also leads to more job and internship opportunities (hint: Google “strength of weak ties”).

Also, throughout your time at Purdue, get to know one or two professors really well by visiting during office hours. They will likely be the people who write your letters of recommendation if you decide to go to grad school. Even if you aren’t thinking about grad school, knowing your professors could lead to internships, research experience, and maybe even getting published.

Fun Facts

I’m a huge nerd who played Magic: the Gathering competitively and was in a hardcore World of Warcraft raiding guild. I’m also a voracious reader who loves contemporary fiction, narrative nonfiction, true crime, and suspense. Hit me up if you want book recommendations! When I’m not doing nerdy things, I like fishing, hiking, binge watching TV shows, complaining about my fantasy football team, and cheering for the Oregon Ducks.

I also enjoy playing pranks on my cat, Gunner.