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Lynette Bleed

Lynette Bleed picture

Academic Advisor

Office: Young Hall (YONG), 6th floor
(765) 494-0843
E-mail: lbleed@purdue.edu


I am a lifelong Indiana resident. I grew up in Northwest Indiana (close to Fair Oaks), went to I.U. Bloomington, spent one year in South Bend, and then moved to Fort Wayne where my husband and I lived for 30+ years before making West Lafayette our home.


B.S. — Business Management with Sociology minor from Indiana University, Bloomington
M.A. — Professional Communication Studies, Purdue University Fort Wayne


Prior to working as an Academic Advisor at Purdue University, I taught COM 114 (public speaking & communication) for four years. As part of my graduate program, I researched and wrote a 180-page thesis on college freshmen success and “grit” (passion and perseverance for a long-term goal). My past work experience also includes sales, freelance writing and public speaking.

Advice for the future Boilermaker:

  • Approach your college career as you would a job: 1) Show up—to class, to your laptop, to your appointments, 2) Learn the job functions of being a college student—critical thinking, academic writing, collaboration, learning 3) Schedule your work day with classes and blocks of study time 4) Meet some people who are different than you! 5) Connect with people who can help you become great at your “job as student” (your profs, RAs, advisors, support staff, fellow-students), and 6) Remember, you are the CEO of your success!

  • Expect obstacles but be confident that you have access to everything you need to succeed! Ask about all the amazing resources available to you as a Purdue student.

  • Create a LinkedIn account as a freshman and build it throughout your college years.

Fun facts:

  • My last name “Bleed” came with the guy a long time ago. (Note: He’s not a vampire or a hematologist. Too bad--either of those would be super cool with the last name of Bleed!) Together we raised three amazing kids who are now adults.

  • My first name “Lynette” can mean “little bird” or “graceful”. Not sure why, but my kids say I should go with “little bird”.

  • One of my first professional jobs was in consumer sales for Oscar Mayer. I sold hot dogs to bring home the bacon and that’s no bologna! One year I won the Carl G. Mayer award for a Wienermobile retail promotion that I had created. I was honored to be invited to Oscar Mayer Foods’ dedication of the first wienermobile to the Henry Ford Museum.