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FALL 2021 Newsletter


As another semester is wrapped up, we are feeling ever grateful and ever true to all the accomplishments that our students, instructors and staff have accomplished. As students, instructors and guest speakers have returned to campus, so has a feeling of normalcy. As we have had the opportunity to connect with students and instructors, many of them have been thankful for the visitors to return to campus. As we all patiently wait for the pandemic to come to a close, everyone has learned to move forward. Everyone has continued moving forward with amazing accomplishments, creating a stronger network, and navigating a new normal.

We have spoken with alumni that have had successful startups, shifted their mindset to maintain their companies and have even come back to share their experiences with our students in our courses. For this, we are ever grateful. It’s the connections that our students make with their instructors and their networks that make these experiences all worth it. In our networks, is where we can grow and even learn to fail forward. Failing forward is often where we find the most growth. That moment where we can be honest with ourselves and transparent with those around us, this is where we build communities and grow.
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  • The Boiler Accelerator 2022 Application Now Open!
    The Boiler is an 8-week startup accelerator hosted by The Anvil that aims to provide vital funding, mentorship, and resources to support our student startups. Startups compete to earn funding for their ventures and pitch their ideas in front of VCs and investors.
  • Internship Opportunity With The Foundry
    There is an internship opportunity for The Foundry for students with social media and graphic design talents!
  • The Kleiner Perkins Fellows Program
    This program offers: Experience at a growing startup Mentorship from CEOs and VC Partners Support for entrepreneurial endeavors Community of up and coming 700+ tech leaders. Applications are now open until January 3rd, 2022.
  • The Hawk is participating in our Consulting Capstone: ENTR 48100
    The Mission of the HAWK Foundation is Helping All With Kindness. We will provide free seasonal events specifically for Families who have members with Special Needs. These “giving events” will culminate and insure that the Spirit of Giving found at Christmas lasts all year long.

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