Learn how this comprehensive list of approved option and capstone courses across all colleges is utilized to determine each student’s optimal path for certificate completion.


The vast array of approved courses provides the flexibility to select courses that best suits needs, wants and interests while supplementing major requirements and receiving an another academic credential.

  • Students can leverage discipline specific courses by choosing a course that will fulfill both a Certificate requirement and a major plan of study requirement.
  • Pathways can be based upon disciplines, desired experiences, specific entrepreneurship disciplines or even career goals. There’s a pathway for every student.
  • Work with your academic advisor to determine the best time to complete the desired courses.


This five minute video provides a foundation of the basic program requirements and overview of the approved course list for students to apply it to their specific needs.

Follow alongside with the actual Approved Course List.


  • TWO Core Courses + TWO Option Courses + ONE Capstone Course = Certificate Completion
  • Substitution of an additional capstone for one of the required option courses is permitted.
  • OPEN = available to all certificate program students, where space permits and pre-requisites have been met.
    • Review entire list for courses OPEN to all.
  • Pay attention to Notes and Pre-Requisites.
  • Look for courses that might be required in major plan of study anyway and “double duty” in those courses towards certificate completion – lessen overall course needs.
  • Always refer to the website for the most up to date Approved Course List tool.


AGEC 33100: Professional Agricultural Selling. Is “OPEN” to all majors and no pre-requisites. A student in the College of Agriculture may be required to take this course. However, there might be other students interested in sales and it actually might be required or fulfill requirements for some students in other majors – lessening overall course needs.

EPICs Courses: Engineering Projects in Community Service. Participation can count towards Certificate completion. Students in all majors are welcomed to participate. Please note the pre-requisites and notes section to see how that can fulfill a option and capstone requirements for the certificate.

ENGL 42000 E sections: Business Writing (for Entrepreneurship students). The English Department has set aside 2 special sections each Fall and Spring semester for students in the certificate program and are crafted towards entrepreneurship students. ENGL 42000 may be a major requirement, by taking the “E” section students can also utilize that particular course to fulfill an option requirement for the certificate – lessening overall course needs.

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COMPLETION PLAN – Utilize this tool when completion plans are discussed in ENTR 31000/31500