Student Organizations

Purdue University has a plethora of recognized student organizations. You will find a few select entrepreneurial student organizations below.


Purdue’s premier entrepreneurship organization. A hub for builders, hackers and hustlers. Our mission is to inspire and empower entrepreneurs in the Greater Lafayette area.


The purpose of BoilerMake to organize and run events providing students with Computer Science, Engineering or Entrepreneurship related experience. These events will offer students the opportunity to further their skills in these fields, meet industry mentors, and participate in the hacker community at Purdue.


A co-ed, professional fraternity dedicated to entrepreneurship and innovation. Members are interested in meeting like-minded individuals, starting companies, hosting events on campus, and developing professionally in industry. All are brought together with their entrepreneurial spirit. Some of events include Startup Weekend Purdue, Changemakers, EcoMake, and Inspire to Innovate.


An organization dedicated to helping women grow their own ideas into their own successful businesses. We are working with Ms. Tech in Chicago, connect students with successful entrepreneurs in Chicago, and bring in speakers from local businesses. We are a community of entrepreneurs and innovators, dedicated to help each other out.

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