Entrepreneurship Learning Community

Join a community of innovative and entrepreneurially-minded students!

The Entrepreneurial Learning Community inspires and prepares students from all majors to put their innovation skills into action.

For 2023, living in a residence hall with the cohort is optional. Applications for priority placement are due mid-April.


First-Year beginning students admitted to any college/school/major with an interest in entrepreneurship


Fall: ENTR 20000 – Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Spring: No Courses


Optional – If desired, you may select to live with your learning community peers. The location of the housing will be determined based on the incoming size needs. See the central learning community page listed below for more information.


Full Academic Year: If the living component is requested.

Fall Semester: If the living component is not requested


  • Connect with other students by taking ENTR 20000 “Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Innovation”
  • Jumpstart completion of the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, which is similar to a minor.
  • Engage with guest speakers, participate in workshops, and other activities designed to build community.
  • Turbocharge your Purdue degree with entrepreneurship to enhance your career prospects and choices.
  • Connect with students who share a similar interest in innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Expand your creativity by exploring new products and evaluating new business ventures
  • Find key resources and people who can help turn your ideas into reality
  • Strengthen your sense of belonging and success at Purdue

HOW TO APPLY: Contact Learning Communities for more information.

LC stair picture 2022

The ELC helped to create great friendships and relationships inside and outside of the classroom. The people you meet will not only help you in the ELC classes, but they are contacts you will run into over and over again.


former learning community student

The ELC provides so much more than just a unique skill set and interesting classes. It provides great life experience that will set you apart from everyone else and truly shape who you are as a student and person.


former learning community student