Steps to Certificate Completion

Follow the simple steps below to successfully receive the academic credential.

1.) Discuss with Advisor – share your interests in the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation with your major advisor.

2.) Create timeline for completion – determine the best time to complete the five required courses for certificate completion with your major advisor. 

3.) Register for ENTR 20000 – with no application necessary, simply enroll in the first core course, ENTR 20000, Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

4.) Overview of the Program – gain a general understanding of the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation with the ENTR director.

Program Overview Video

5.) Review Academic Requirements & Approved Course List Tool – learn the basic academic requirements of the program and the Approved Course List tool with the ENTR advisor.

Requirements & Approved Courses Video

6.) Register for ENTR 31000/31500 – enroll in either second core course, ENTR 31000  Marketing and Management for New Ventures or ENTR 31500 Business Planning for Social Entrepreneurship.

7.) Utilize Approved Course List tool – while in ENTR 31000/31500, learn how to leverage the Approved Course List tool with the ENTR advisor.

Approved Course List Details Video

8.) Execute Completion Plan – while in ENTR 31000/31500, determine two option courses and a capstone course best suited for you with the ENTR advisor and using the Approved Course List tool.

Capstones & Completion Plan Video

9.) Register for Option and Capstone Courses – utilize your personalized completion plan and coordinate with your major advisor. Note: you may have already taken some of these courses.

10.) Utilize MyPurdue Plan – Use and reference MyPurdue Plan to track your completed certificate courses and progress towards completion. If courses are not populating as planned, work with the ENTR advisor.

Navigating MyPurdue Plan Resource

11.) Apply to Graduate – during your last semester on campus, when you “Apply to Graduate” with your degree, make sure to also “Apply to Graduate” with the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Apply to Graduate Resource

12.) Receiving the Certificate – Upon completion of the five required courses and upon completion of your degree, you will receive your Diploma and a Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.  The credential will be noted on your academic transcript.

QUESTIONS? Contact Rita Baker, Coordinating Academic Advisor

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View a dedicated page detailing the five course requirements needed to complete the certificate

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View a comprehensive list of approved option and capstone courses across all colleges. Please refer to the website for the most up to date list.

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