Plurimos Competes in Elevate Nexus Pre-Seed Regional Competition

The student venture, Plurimos, was one of 11 teams chosen to compete in the Elevate Nexus Pre-Seed Regional Competition on November 17th in Indianapolis! Elevate Nexus organizes competition into four categories: Regional Pre-Seed, Statewide Pre-Seed, Regional Seed, and Statewide Seed Awards. Pre-seed awards are for startups seeking funds to build a minimum viable product. Seed awards are for companies that are further along and are building and testing the processes that will ultimately be used to scale the business.   

John Stanwick and Alexander Zimbalist ENTR students
John Stanwick (top), Alexander Zimbalist (bottom)

Plurimos was founded by two First Year Engineering students, John Stanwick and Alexander Zimbalist. John explains, “Plurimos is a financial technology company based out of West Lafayette, Indiana. We provide consumers with an app for their mobile phones that uses proprietary algorithms to optimize a consumer’s credit card usage and debt repayments. We provide consumers with a range of effective tools to manage their finances, specifically revolving around credit management.” Plurimos comes from “plūrimus’,’ which is of Latin origin and means “the many” or “numerous.” 

John is a Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program student, a member of the Entrepreneurship Learning Community, and intends to major in Electrical and Computer Engineering. John and Alexander founded Plurimos to help consumers minimize debt, maximize rewards, increase their credit scores, and use one system to help manage the process. They shared that the average cash back reward consumers earn is approximately $3000, and their hope is to double this. Their provisional patent was filed on November 5, 2021. They will have one year to file a full patent. 

The Plurimos Credit Card aims to revolutionize the way that users manage multiple credit cards. The card dynamically uses all of a customer’s credit cards to make purchases that give yield more rewards and generate less debt. The Plurimos Debt Payment Tool will help users optimize your debt payments. The system will automatically distribute a lump sum payment to the user’s outstanding debts in a way that minimizes interest and maximizes each dollar’s value. 

To be notified when Plurimos moves into the beta stage of testing and is available to customers, join their mailing list at and follow @plurimosfinance on social media!