Facility rates are authorized through Purdue University's business system and based on cost per hour for instrument usage and hourly time for facility staff. Total project costs may vary depending on the specifics of each project. Please contact Robyn McCain for a quote that encompasses all of the costs associated with your project.

This table describes the rates for services provided to internal and external customers.
Service Internal Customers External Customers
Culex Large Animal System (4 units) $584 / day $905 / day
Culex Small Animal System (8 units) $1,003 / study* $3,005 / study*
Swine Consumables Kit $525 / animal $871 / animal
Labor $45 / hour $74 / hour

*Studies up to two weeks. Longer studies may be charged for additional instrument time.


Robyn McCain
Translational Pharmacology Facility Director
Phone: (620) 326-1746
Email: rrmccain@purdue.edu