Animal Use Guidelines

  1. Any live animal work must be covered by a Purdue Animal Care and Use Committee protocol. PACUC protocols must be in place BEFORE any work is done. Both the Translational Pharmacology Facility and the Imaging Facility have PACUC-approved protocols that cover the administration of isoflurane anesthesia, basic injection procedures and the imaging process (for the imaging facility). All other aspects of experimental design related to the use of animals must be covered by user-supplied PACUC protocols. Information on protocols and requirements can be found on the PACUC website. Please contact the facility manager for additional questions or assistance with the approval process.   
  2. For animal imaging, animals must be housed at the imaging facility in Hansen. The animals must originate from either A) a commercial vendor or B) the transgenic mouse facility. Animals ordered from a vendor should be shipped directly to Hansen. Except in very special circumstances, transport of animals from other campus locations to Hansen for housing or imaging is not permitted.
  3. New users of the Imaging Facility must fill out and sign the PACUC Requirements for Live Animal Imaging form before using the facility. The form must be completed and returned to the facility manager before access to the Lumina II or the SPECT/CT scopes is granted. If you need assistance completing this form, please contact the core facility director.